6YE 132cm D cup big titis blonde mini pink sex doll Catherine

6Ye Doll

Her voice is a black hole, you are light, and cannot escape the gravitational force of the sound. Her huge chest is like a plateau, and you fall into it accidentally. Her finger was an anesthetic needle, and when she touched it, she became intoxicated.

Catherine was as elegant and noble as her name, and she sat quietly, without a word. But you can clearly feel that he needs you, and she wants to have a deeper communication with you. Did you hear her voice? The bridge of affection between you has been built, and you will fall for her charm.

Size & Info

  • Height: 132cm
  • Weight: 15KG Gross Weight: 20KG
  • Bust: 57cm
  • Waist: 38cm
  • Hip: 58cm
  • Shoulder width: 25cm
  • Inner arm long: 50cm
  • Hand length: 12cm
  • Head circumference: 42cm
  • Measuring leg to heel length Inside: 76cm
  • Foot: 16.5cm
  • Package size: 115*37*27cm