161cm Muscular Life-size Sex Doll Lin


Lin,she is a sexy bar girl. She came to America with her parents from Africa since she was a child, but her parents died in a car accident on her adult birthday. So she had to rely on her own part-time job to save herself. She worked as a bartender in a bar, dressed very sexy every day, and there were many men around her.

Height: 161cm | 5ft 3.4inch
Weight: 39.6kg | 87.3lbs
Upper Chest: 95cm | 37.4in
Lower Chest: 59cm | 23.2in
Waist: 54cm | 21.2in
Hip: 97cm | 38.2in
Shoulder Width: 37cm | 14.6in
Foot Length: 21cm | 8.3in 
Oral Length: 15.5cm | 6.1in
Vagina Length: 18cm | 7.1in
Anus Length: 15cm | 5.9in

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