Banks was a lazy noble lady, lying slantingly on the furry sofa. She has never liked too many relationships. So she doesn't seem to like talking very much. But her heart is fiery. She only wants to be with you. She hopes to see the flowers in spring and the snow in winter with you.

Manufactured by 6Ye Dolls. Best Quality and Details on TPE real love dolls!


  • Height: 161cm
  • Weight: 56GK Gross Weight: 65KG
  • Upper burst: : 110cm
  • Under burst: 69cm
  • Waist: 80cm
  • Hip: 115cm
  • Mouth hole length: 10cm
  • Vagina:16cm
  • Anal Cavity Length: 13cm
  • Foot: 22cm
  • Arm length: 60cm
  • Long legs: 79cm
  • Thigh circumference: 67cm
  • Package size: 154*42*37cm


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