Gynoid Model 7 165cm Sex Doll Callies

Gynoid doll

 Callies has deep eyes, tall eyebrows, and thick lips. A pair of big breasts are like peaches, and they seem to be able to get water when pinched. Tow clothes seemed to be an invitation to have sex with her. The look of her three hairs is really beautiful, if you are moved by her, then take her home and enjoy a harmonious sex life.

Gynoid (Synthetic Humanoid), an amazing designer and manufacturer of life-like, hyper-realistic silicone love dolls. Gynoid Dolls specialize in the research and development of ultra-realistic silicone dolls and artificial intelligent robot lovers. 

With a team of highly experienced industry-leading artists specialising in 3D digital modelling and body sculpting of synthetic humanoids, the attention to detail is phenomenal and unmatched by any.  

Size & Info

  • Brand: Gynoid
  • Head: Callies
  • Model: 7
  • Height: 165cm
  • Weight: 34kg
  • Bust: 86cm
  • Waist: 61cm
  • Hips: 90cm
  • Material: Premium Grade Silicone & Alloy Skeleton

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