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Would you choose to marry a real doll?

August 27, 2020

The happiness of marriage in today's society kidnaps too many material conditions, such as high income, car, house and so on. There are also emotional we media marketers on the Internet, constantly transmitting high standards of mate selection for people. As a result, in the high-pressure social life, young people are becoming more and more inferior to themselves. They think that they can not meet the conditions inferior to marriage. They always have expectations, but they dare not act. Even if there are girlfriends, when it comes to talking about marriage, they often separate because of dissatisfaction with certain marriage conditions or wedding process. There are many signs that today's young people advocate freedom and pursue single life. Many people believe that only when a man has a successful career and a position in society can he have time and cost to talk about marriage. But when these standards are met, a man may be at least 45 years old. At this time, I will feel that a person can live a good life to this age. Why do I need more people for the rest of my life? In addition, many girls say that they don't marry now because women are independent and don't have to rely on marriage and men to survive. Because this concept of non marriage continues to upgrade, resulting in the marriage rate continues to decline, coupled with the continuous growth of the real sex doll Market. So many people will choose to use the doll to solve their emptiness, and even some people will choose to marry a full size sex doll. If, for some reason, you can't find or don't want to find a partner, would you choose to marry a real doll?

Would you choose to marry a real doll?


Marriage is not just a personal matter. Marriage also involves family and ethics, which means more responsibilities should be taken after marriage. The correct concept of marriage is to oneself, to the other half, to the family, to the society. In China, the marriage rate is lower year by year, and the base number of big cities is relatively large. For most people, it's better to spend a lot of time on getting married and having children than on working. In this way, their living conditions can also be raised to a higher level. In the case of maintaining their own income, it is also a very cost-effective thing to buy a realistic doll for recreation. Spend thousands of yuan to buy a doll that can accompany you for almost 10 years. And it doesn't take a lot of time to clean up and dress her up. Just clean the dirty vagina and wipe the dirty place after using her to solve sexual needs. Usually only need to buy some lubricants and condoms, can be used in sexual behavior, but also need to buy some talcum powder to clean the baby, to avoid the best sex doll's skin oil. There are no other necessities. Although this is also responsible for the behavior of dolls, but this sense of responsibility will not be too heavy, will not affect the basic life of individuals. Even if you choose to marry a mature sex doll, this life may be much easier than the normal marriage and have children, and the responsibility of shoulder resistance will be reduced, but there will be more arguments about the truth and ethics to bear.

Would you choose to marry a real doll?

Moral ethics

For the older generation, getting married at an appropriate age and having children is a kind of responsibility to themselves and their families, which is only the most basic manifestation of morality and ethics. But for today's young people, choosing the life they like and yearn for is responsible for themselves. In the face of all kinds of people in society, dealing with people is a very tired thing. When you have your own doll, the thought of returning home to see a lovely and understanding full-size sex doll will make your body and mind happy. A curvy sex doll can also make single people better control themselves from their own moral heart when facing the temptation of beauty from the outside world, and reduce the emergence of indecent and rape criminals in society. But in the face of marriage, such a life event, the most important thing in one's life. Facing people with different moral values, they think differently about the same thing. If there are more cases of marriage with real dolls in society. Social ethics will cause great subversion. In addition to the subversion of ethics, it will greatly reduce the marriage rate, and further affect the birth rate, which is accompanied by an aging population. If most people choose to marry the real doll, the social progress will be negative. So choosing to marry a physical doll affects not only personal life and family.

Would you choose to marry a real doll?

The real sex doll can be your companion or your sexual partner. It will satisfy your desires and bring you psychological and physical comfort. If you have a realistic doll, then take good care of it, so that it can have a longer life with you. If you think you need a doll for your current living conditions, please contact us. We can choose the high quality sex doll suitable for you according to your needs.

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