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Why do more and more people like sex dolls?

August 13, 2020

There doesn't seem to be a special standard for what looks a man likes a woman. Many boys think that they like girls who are gentle, caring, and at home. But where in the world are there so many girls of this type, every girl has his own personality and is a little princess in the family. Every girl has reservations before falling in love. As time goes by, her shortcomings will be exposed step by step, and boys will feel that she is no longer the empathetic little princess. So couples after the love period often break up in the flat period. In fact, in the end, a man will find that only one person who can share the pressure for him and not cause trouble is the other half he imagined. But only life-size sex dolls meet these requirements. So, this is why more and more people choose and like real dolls.

Why do more and more people like sex dolls?

Man and woman

Many women will pay attention to a question, that is, what kind of woman do men like? Psychologists have done a survey, to the effect that it is among the two kinds of girls, "Crystal clear girl”and “The girl who wonders”. If they can only choose one, men actually prefer the latter. This shows that it is very necessary to be an unpredictable girl. Girls who make men unpredictable at the level of your behavior and heart can get more love in the love stage. Unpredictable women will bring more curiosity to men and transform them into physical impulses, which is sexual desire.Real dolls fit this point very well. They can't speak or respond, so that when you need it, she will only give you a look and a smile.

In marriage, male and female, two inseparable subjects, are intertwined and live together. In the long-term marriage normalization, the two people gradually get acquainted and understand, and slowly have nothing to say. The ordinary life makes the advantages of men and women slowly blurred and slowly forgotten. The shortcomings are magnified and quarrels begin to appear. The intensification of various contradictions gradually weakened the relationship between the two people. The two people who once loved each other are now like strangers. The two people's mutual incomprehension and mutual complaint are obstacles to emotional communication. Men feel that they cannot get recognition and support at home, so they want to find solace elsewhere. Many news have also mentioned that after a divorce, a man thinks that he will not remarry. Until it comes into contact with the curvy sex doll, it will bring it a lot of psychological comfort.

Why do more and more people like sex dolls?

Human and real dolls

In fact, many people may not have noticed that many girls like Barbie dolls and many boys like Transformers. These are all human-shaped dolls. Except for the human-shaped dolls, ordinary dolls, blankets, pillows, etc. can all assume the function of transitional objects. It's just that humanoid dolls are closer to humans in appearance, closer to the appearance of mothers, and are more generally favored by people. But the real doll is a humanoid doll, and she is also a transitional object. Realistic dolls have advantages in that respect. When many men chase a girl, they think this girl is very special and attractive to them. But once they get it, especially after the two people have already had a relationship, the girl's body and mind have been given to the man, then at this time the man probably thinks that the girl is his own. So his sense of need for you is not so strong, and all the girls will revolve around him. But at this time men will feel that the girl has changed, become stalker and unreasonable. In addition, many men feel that women will be a drag on themselves. So no matter from which aspect, mature milf sex dolls are the best choice for men. Because they are considerate and gentle.

Why do more and more people like sex dolls?

There are also some examples here. In a recent interview with a reporter, a man owned three real sex dolls. The reporter asked the man and wondered when he had the first doll and why? The man said that his marriage had been maintained for 15 years and finally fell apart. He was very depressed during that time and he just didn't want to talk about feelings with real women. These dolls made him very relaxed, let him have no pressure on both sexes, and he stopped looking for anything. People might think this kind of thing is weird, and he understands it. But people really don't know what it's like to use these dolls. With the dolls, he will get what he wants. This will make him very interested. He doesn't have any illusions about the silicone dolls. When he wants to be with the doll, he just put the chair in the corner, sit on the chair and drink beer, look at them, and then he knows which one attracts him the most.

Besides this man, there is another one. He claimed that this young sex doll was his wife. He and the doll wear couple rings. He fell in love with his doll at first sight and fell in love with her at first sight. He was stunned for 3 minutes while she was sitting there. Because she is his ideal type, and now she belongs to him completely, this moment is beautiful and magical. And he will inject a lot of his own imagination into the doll. For example, it will be easier to get in touch with real people, but for him, whether it is physically or psychologically. After the passion, she will stay with him, and she will be there the next morning. He can live in the world he constructed, a real life like fiction. He also occasionally felt that the doll was smiling, very cute.

Why do more and more people like sex dolls?

This is why more and more people like sex dolls now! In fact, a lot of imagination can be fully realized in the best sex doll, this is just the reason of your consciousness. If you have a doll that belongs to you, love it. If you don't have one, but you want one, please contact us. We will select or customize a doll that belongs to you according to your needs.

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