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Why choose the exquisite and beautiful Sino doll

September 19, 2020


Many people don’t know what kind of sex dolls there are before they buy sex dolls. They can’t help but feel very confused, because most male consumers don’t know the specific information about sex dolls. And with the popularity of sex dolls in the market, many factories have begun to manufacture different sex dolls. At this time, you must identify suitable sex dolls. Because there is a huge gap in the quality of sex dolls today, maybe when you buy a nominal silicone sex doll, in fact, when you receive your sex doll, you will find that your sex doll may be a very poor quality inflatable. Dolls, so be sure to choose the right sex dolls and don’t be fooled by the superficial pictures.

Why choose the exquisite and beautiful Sino doll

In addition, the main dolls of different sex doll brands are also different. Some sex doll brands are more Asian in style, such as their sino sex doll, which will be introduced in detail later. In addition, there are some more European and American styles, such as YL sex doll . Of course, there are some sex doll brands that take into account many different styles, so that these sex dolls show different styles, which can cater to most people's aesthetic desires. For example, JY sex dolls, not only mature and elegant Asian women, but also Some particularly passionate European-style girls. They will not introduce other brand content. If you want to pursue the perfect ultra-real touch Asian sex doll, then you must not miss the brand sino sex doll. It will definitely make you very satisfied. If you want to know more about this brand, welcome to follow them and they will provide you with the latest news.


Asian style

The styles of Sino sex dolls are very in line with the oriental aesthetics. The sex dolls they produce are more Asian styles, or more directly, the Japanese sex dolls. Japanese sex dolls have always been very famous and even become a symbol of Japanese culture. It is difficult for them to ignore the influence of Japanese sex dolls, after all, they cater to most aesthetic requirements. People in the East like to buy Japanese sex dolls because the Japanese sex dolls  are very delicate, and most Asians have the same aesthetic. Or some Europeans and Americans want to try a new style. Japanese AV is very famous, so it is inevitable that some people want to try this new sex doll. When you see a Japanese actress who is very sexy and even panting on TV or on the computer, I believe you must have an urge to possess her, hoping that she can groan and scream under you.

So what is Asian style? The Asian style is actually very easy to understand, but it generally caters to the aesthetics of most Asians. For example, first of all, the skin of a sex doll should be white, and it should not be very false white. It is best that the white and red feeling is like a ripe peach, glowing with attractive pink luster, very natural And it will definitely make you full of passion at once. However, European and American aesthetics are more biased towards diverse skin tones. Most Europeans and Americans don’t like too white skin tones, because too white skin makes people look very unhealthy, so many people pursue the natural style of wheat or brown skin. . If you see a sex doll with a darker complexion, it is probably not an Asian sex doll.

Why choose the exquisite and beautiful Sino doll

Exquisite workmanship

The facial features of Sino sex doll are very delicate. When you see her face, it is like a real person appearing in front of you. It is hard to ignore her beauty. Many Sino sex dolls are made of silicone. These silicone sex dolls have human facial features and appearance. You can never find out her facial defects or shortcomings. Silicone sex dolls are relatively real sex dolls on the market. When you go to see that many high-end sex dolls are made of silicone, these silicone sex dolls are almost the same as human skin, but not as human skin. soft. In terms of appearance, she is absolutely impeccably true.

When a doll is unmolded, you may not be able to see how beautiful the sex doll is. However, senior makeup artists who rely on Sino sex dolls can immediately restore a real sex doll. The sex doll is definitely not a product on the assembly line, every model is the same. It can be said that every sex doll is an absolutely different existence. After the craftsman’s craftsmanship made it, a vivid and true sex doll instantly appeared under their hands, as if God created Adam and Eve. You can also customize your own sex dolls, so that the makeup artist can portray the lover of your dreams, or the sex dolls of celebrities you admire. They are definitely a choice you can't miss. True love often occurs in that instant.


Enterprising spirit of continuous development

Although the Sino brand has been quite perfect in the process of making sex dolls and has received a lot of praise and praise, their footsteps do not stop there. They have developed many silicone sex dolls, and in the current trend of robot sex dolls, Sino sex dolls innovation. Only innovation has constant vitality, and they have done quite well in this regard.

Sino-doll belongs to the brand of Guangdong Xinhe Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. In Taiwan, Japan and other regions have Sino-doll's general agent. Has its own production plant in Shunde, Guangdong. Sino Sex Doll is committed to the manufacturing and development of AI smart love dolls, smart realistic dolls, silicone medical products and silicone simulation toys. They have more than 9 years of experience in the silicone sex doll industry. At present, their silicone love dolls are mainly sold to Europe, America and Asian countries. They have agents in some countries/regions, but they are still looking for agents in different countries/regions, and plan to open "Chinese Doll" showrooms in various regions.

 Why choose the exquisite and beautiful Sino doll

This sex doll brand is definitely an object you can consider. Every sex doll they produce is loved by the public. You will not buy a very low-quality sex doll. You can rest assured to buy a high-quality sex doll. The number of Sino-branded sex dolls is quite abundant. If you want to see the exquisite appearance of these swex dolls, welcome to realdollshop, where there is a rich collection of Sino-dolls , you You will definitely find the goddess of your dreams!

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