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What to do if sex doll makes you feel scared at night

August 14, 2020

Sex dolls are a good companion in our lives. When we feel lonely, we can't help looking for sex dolls as a sustenance of our spirit. Today's sex dolls are quite real. Her face is exactly the same as a real person. Some robot sex dolls even smile and make different facial poses. It feels very strange, and at the same time, the face of the sex doll is very delicate, her eyes will turn, when you look from a distance, you may not even be able to tell whether it is a real person or a sex doll. So sometimes it's a little embarrassing at night, maybe when you wake up suddenly from a nightmare, or when you get up to go to the bathroom. It is very scary to see your sex doll staring at you all of a sudden. As if the doll had life. It's creepy.


Many people will refute that if you are afraid of your sex dolls for men  at night, this proves that you do not love your sex dolls. Therefore, some readers will have some misunderstandings, that is, do I love my sex doll? Of course you love your sex doll. It's just that everyone's personality is different. Some people are more reserved and afraid of external uncertainties. So they are more afraid of this unknown. When we suddenly face our sex doll, we probably don't know how to react. How should she appear in front of us? If you can see your sex doll glasses after you absolutely turn off the lights, you are scared. Welcome to continue reading, we will provide you with more help information.


Put on blindfold

The main source of the horror that the sex doll brings to us at night is her delicate eyes. The eyes of the doll are very delicate, which can be said to be a collection of all the advantages of women, and they are very real. You can see her delicate eyelashes and jet-black eyes, and even her eyes will turn. The eyes are the windows of the soul and a process of our communication. When we communicate with a person, the first thing is to look at her eyes. This will make people feel very sincere. So the eyes are the most difficult to look directly at. When you look directly at your sex doll, you will have an illusion that the sex doll is real. You will suspect that there will be an unknown soul inside, and your own feelings are also extremely terrifying. This makes people think of some horror movies, some horrible and supernatural events of dolls.

So the easiest way is to cover the eyes of the doll. After the eyes of the doll are covered, it will give people a great sense of security and the satisfaction of control desires. We feel that sex dolls will not pose any threat to us. So this is a very good way. You can also choose some delicate eye masks, such as lace eye masks, this kind of fun eye mask. Make your sex doll look extremely sexy. Imagine that when you have sex with your sex doll, you blindfold her, just like simulating some fun games, which makes people feel very cute and constantly stimulates your deepest soul desire. And this half-eye-covering lace blindfold will not conceal the beauty of your sex doll. Instead, it sets off your sex doll more real.

What to do if sex doll makes you feel scared at night

Choose sex dolls with closed eyes

If you don't want your real life sex doll  to be too real, you'd better choose some sex dolls with closed eyes. These sex dolls with closed eyes are very delicate. The difference between her and an ordinary sex doll is that her eyes are closed, like a sleeping beauty. If you feel instinctively afraid of your sex doll's eyes, you can choose this kind of sex doll with closed eyes. She will bring you great pleasure. You don't need to worry that your sex doll is too real, sometimes it's not a good thing that sex dolls are too real. A Japanese scholar put forward a theory that is Uncanny Valley. Because robots are similar to humans in appearance and actions, humans will also have positive emotions on robots; until a certain degree, their reactions will suddenly become extremely negative. Even if there is only a slight difference between a robot and a human, it will appear very conspicuous and dazzling. The whole robot looks very stiff and terrifying, making people feel like facing zombies. However, when the similarity between robots and humans continues to rise, which is equivalent to the similarity between ordinary people, humans' emotional response to them will return to the positive again, resulting in empathy between humans.

Today's sex dolls are certainly unable to achieve 100% identical technology, so sex dolls are at a relatively low level of favorability. Humans will have an instinctive fear. But when our sex is not so real, we may have a better impression of her. A sex doll with closed eyes can greatly reduce this authenticity. And this kind of authenticity doesn't need to sacrifice human's own appreciation and perception of beauty. You can love your sex doll with love, and the appearance of your sex doll will not be compromised.

What to do if sex doll makes you feel scared at night

Don't turn off the lights

Light is indeed a weapon to help us dispel our fears when we face the dark world. The feeling of the world in our hearts is unknown. We don't know what the future will be. The dark night will reduce people's sense of security. It will continue to destroy our self-confidence and strong heart. When we turn off the lights and sleep, we imagine that the sex doll may open our eyes and look at us at night, and we may even see the moonlight reflecting the paleness of the sex doll's eyes. People's night vision is relatively lacking, and we can't see anything in the dark. Then our thinking will be particularly active, and a decrease in people's sense of security will also cause some insomnia.

Turning on the lights when you go to bed at night will effectively alleviate your fear. When you turn on the lights, everything is clear. Everything is under your control, you don't have to feel self-confidence damaged by your lack of night vision. You can clearly see any characteristics of your sex doll, and light brings you courage, so you no longer fear anything.

What to do if sex doll makes you feel scared at night

When we feel afraid of this thing is inevitable, we cannot be fearless. It's just that there are differences in the things that everyone fears. If you are really scared, I am glad you can click on our blog. Hope our suggestions can help you overcome your inner fears. Each sex doll is a unique existence and a treasure worthy of our collection. When we no longer feel fear, we will love her more. Realdollshop has affordable sex dolls of your dreams , she will help you become stronger!

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