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What is a real human sex doll?

December 22, 2020

Imitate the origin of human sex dolls.

According to David Lee, the founder of Jingjun Doll, a famous doll manufacturer in China, there are actually three origins of sex dolls.

The first is the fetish culture of medieval Germany.

Fetish culture is a popular culture that pursues the ultimate spiritual experience in the world, and has a large number of fans worldwide. They realized their fantasy and created many latex materials and SM-style props. In fetish culture, in order to promote their role-playing in spiritual scenes, when no real actors are found, life-size dolls are made and filled with cotton and other materials, and then her skin is made of latex to make.

Another origin is from Japanese culture and crafts

 Japanese humanoid doll culture and the sex culture of Japanese AV actresses, as well as the development of simulating human sex dolls made of silicone.

David Lee is also an expert in doll culture research. According to his investigation and research, he discovered that Japan has two new real doll crafts. One is the art of humanoid dolls inherited from Japan's Edo period. Although the researched Japanese artists originated from children's toys, they gradually developed more products and became an independent art form. In Takahama City, Aichi Prefecture, a humanoid museum called "Purple Peak" is known as the only humanoid theme park art museum in Japan. The museum houses nearly 30,000 people. There are figures from different eras in this five-story building. It is divided into festival square area, legendary theater area, Edo shogunate stage and doll exhibition area. There are many very realistic, gorgeous and delicate humanoid dolls, and they are all awesome.

The other is the popular Japanese AV sex culture in the world.

Japan's AV actress sex tape, since May 1981, the first work was born. In November 1981, Nikkatsu, an old man who made a pink movie, launched actress Airan Kyoko, who adopted a dynamic "Honfan (Japanese vocabulary, Chinese meaning "real movement")" shooting method. The response was overwhelmed. From the end of 1984 to the beginning of 1985, Japan’s Kojitani Hideki used many pure-looking actresses to shoot a series of works and determined that “the pure feeling of the actresses is more important than whether they themselves”. The first wave of beautiful girls. Create a special term for the so-called AV actress. The Japanese AV actress video industry will create images to arouse male sexual excitement. David Lee has many works with heavy tastes in the sexual culture that Japanese AV women worry about, including fetish sex culture and SM sex culture. Affected by these heavy-tasting products, many men, in pursuit of the ultimate spiritual experience, cannot find the cooperation of women, so they switch to humanoid dolls. Therefore, a real human sex doll was born in Japan. Really modern humanoid doll products were born in Japan in 1982. It is produced by the Japanese company "Oriental Industries". It is the second-generation doll product of "Oriental Industries" and is called the "face shadow" doll.

The other origin is China.

Although human-simulated sex dolls appeared in Japan in 1982, they spread to a small area. The real human-simulated sex dolls are in China. David Lee, the founder of Jingjun Dolls, said that in Japan, the wages of craftsmen who make dolls are very expensive, and few are willing to make dolls. Therefore, the retail price of a high quality sex doll product in Japan is about 1 million yen (64,400 yuan, 94,000 US dollars). The vast majority of consumers cannot afford such an expensive price. In 2016, Chinese foreign trade companies introduced Japanese human-like doll products to China. Relying on strong Chinese manufacturing capabilities and cheap labor of Chinese artisans, they replaced cheap skeletons and physical materials to imitate humans. The price of physical doll products has dropped to approximately RMB 5,000. Such huge price cuts suddenly enabled more consumers to afford dolls, thus stimulating the domestic and foreign doll markets.

In summary, the sex doll is an adult doll that looks very much like a real person and feels very much like a real person. It has soft breasts and buttocks, and has realistic soft vagina, anus and mouth. The physical doll also has the function of physical venting and spiritual companionship. They can dress up and play roles, and can be combined with their respective fantasy scenes to obtain sexual desire, stimulate male sexual desire, and satisfy male sexual fantasies. The height of the sex doll is approximately the size of a real person, or slightly smaller than the size of a real person. They are made of TPE and silicone materials respectively

Classification and examples of imitation human sex dolls.

According to the appearance and skin color, the artificial human sex dolls are divided into the following types:East Asian face and East Asian figure, white and beautiful, slender Asian doll.


European version doll with European and American faces and European and American figures, white and beautiful, with a fit and round body.


欧美性爱娃娃African and Hispanic faces, brown and black skin, slender body. African and Spanish versions of dolls.


An anime doll oriented towards male fantasy, with big eyes, sweet face, fair skin and beautiful face, sexy body and long legs.


According to the material, the artificial human sex doll is divided into the following types:

(1) Simulated human sex doll made of silicone material. Pouring at room temperature is easy to paint and more expensive.

(2) Real human sex doll made of TPE material. Pouring at high temperature makes painting more troublesome and cheap.

(3) The head is made of silicone material and the body is made of TPE material. Combining the advantages of the above two, the price is moderate.

(4) Real human sex doll made of super polymer SEEPS material. The doll with the highest quality and high price.

David Lee, the founder of Jingjun Doll, said that the current dolls on the market are based on the (3) head made of silicone material and the body is made of TPE material. Real human sex doll made of polymer SEEPS material is the future development direction.

According to the skeleton points, the artificial human sex dolls are divided into the following types:

(1) Simple steel frame with limited poses and no fingers or toes.

(2) Improved simple steel frame, can pose more, with fingers and toe bones.

(3) Imitating human body bone type stainless steel with elastic memory metal frame, basically able to pose most yoga poses, with fingers and toes.

(4) The skeletal carbon fiber in the human body and the elastic memory metal skeleton can basically perform most yoga poses, with fingers and toes.

David Lee, the founder of Jingjun Doll, said that the current dolls on the market are mainly based on the (2) improved skeleton imitation human sex doll with finger and toe bones, and the (3) imitation human body bone type. The stainless steel plus elastic memory metal frame began to go on the market and was gradually recognized. The fourth category is the future development direction.

David Lee, the founder of Jingjun Dolls, led the author to visit the development and production process of sex dolls. The general process is as follows:

(1) Choose real models, real models, and exquisite sculptors for model-based sculptures.

(2) Carry out 3D scanning of the finely carved model to establish a digital 3D model of the human body.

(3) In the digital 3D model of the human body, design the 3D model of the human bone carbon fiber plus elastic memory metal skeleton and the matching human body weight loss memory foam elastic lining.

(4) Design a 3D outer mold for overall injection in the digital human body 3D model, and then print it out by a 3D printer, and combine the designed digital 3D outer mold to produce a glass fiber reinforced plastic Outer mold.

(5) Human-like bone-like carbon fiber and elastic memory metal skeleton are made of human-like weight-reducing memory foam elastic inner lining, which is placed in a one-piece outer mold made of glass fiber reinforced plastic to pass the human body , And then the whole injection.

(6) After injection, spray the artificial doll, which is mainly used for makeup, hair transplant, skin texture and capillaries.

(7) After various process treatments, the coating of the human-like doll is stable and does not fade.

(8) After a comprehensive quality inspection, the doll is dressed, the damaged packaging is beautifully imitated, and then shipped to consumers.

What are the shortcomings of the current sex dolls?

David Lee, the founder of Jingjun Doll, said that the low-end dolls currently on the market, mainly those with a price of less than RMB 5,000, still have many defects. The main defects are as follows:

(1) The skeleton of the doll is rough and stiff, it can't make a few poses, and it is very laborious. And the skeleton has no elasticity and cushioning, it feels like playing with zombies.

(2) The doll does not have a weight-reducing liner, resulting in the doll's weight as high as 40 kg, and ordinary people cannot move it at all. If you hug a real person with 40 kilograms, it is easier to hug because the real person will cooperate with the hug. But the doll is stiff, so ordinary people can hardly hold it.

(3) The raw materials used in the production of dolls are in pursuit of low prices, are of poor quality, have relatively unpleasant odors, are easy to crack, easy to produce oil, and easy to deform. For many dolls, when the consumer poses in a larger range, this pose will crack after a day or two.

(4) The body shape of some dolls is not well designed and does not conform to the structure of the human body. When using the doll, many sex positions are deformed seriously, and no suitable clothes for the doll can be found.

David Lee, the founder of Jingjun Dolls, said that they only make high-end dolls. After more than three years of research and development, they have carried out hundreds of innovations to overcome most of the shortcomings in the doll experience, which is nothing. Shortcomings.

What will the future sex doll look like?

David Lee, the founder of Jingjun Doll, said that in the future, sex dolls will develop rapidly in terms of automatic movements, facial expression changes, interactive voice communication, constant body temperature and imitating the human body, and will become closer to humanoid robots. Human body orgasm Yes, flushing reaction, spasm reaction, body fluid secretion, etc. will be gradually realized. In the future, sex dolls will be more two-dimensional, each doll will have an in-depth personalized IP, so that the doll has a perfect first love experience and emotional partner experience.

Finally, friends who want to know more about dolls can add the WeChat account of Jingjun doll's sales director.

Contact: Qin Xiangping

WeChat ID: kuajingyihao8306

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