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What do you need to pay attention to in the spring of the sex doll industry

August 17, 2020


Since the epidemic, orders in the sex doll industry have gone upstream, and many brands' shipments have doubled compared to the same period in previous years. Shenzhen Shuruibao Love Technology Co., Ltd. is one of them. The person in charge, Manager Liu, said: "During the epidemic, our company's order business growth mainly came from foreign countries, and foreign countries are ahead of China in terms of audience levels and industry models. In recent years, domestic orders have shown a steady growth trend. We are determined to bring the market back together and develop the domestic market."

 spring of the sex doll industry

The offline service model of experience store has already appeared in European and American countries and has achieved good results. Big boobs sex doll  has been loved by many customers , Very popular. In China, the sex trade is not open, but there are more than 30 million single men. How can their needs be solved? Industry change and innovation are inseparable from the influence of society and the market. Compared with the opening model of foreign experience stores, they stand on the street, publicize, have a wide audience, and have no experience restrictions, etc. "Sex doll experience stores" cannot be rigid, but must have Changed. So what to pay attention to and how to do it? I have summarized the following points for you:

1.Operating License

The sex doll experience hall has no clear industry division and planning. Most of the experience stores are mainly male SPA shops or sex doll two-dimensional experience stores, and some are directly divided under the bath center. Within this scope, you only need to go to the Industrial and Commercial Bureau to apply for a business license in accordance with the process, but if the store also involves the sale of other adult products, you also need to apply for a secondary medical device business license. If you have a formal business license, you can get a great advantage. After all, many customers like to go to some formal stores, which means more security. After all, no one wants to be caught by the police or be made public during sex with a sex doll. These are still relatively shameful things.


In terms of rental cost, if you choose to shop in a commercial area or a high-traffic area, the rent is too high, and the initial investment is too large, and the return cycle is lengthened, which is not suitable; in addition, the social acceptance is high. But it still retains the traditional shyness and shyness, and still needs enough privacy in dealing with sex. Therefore, in terms of shop location, you can choose urban villages or urban-rural junctions. The rent is relatively cheap and has a certain degree of concealment. , The mobility of various groups of people is also high enough, the priority of first-tier cities is higher than that of second- and third-tier cities, and the vicinity of industrial areas can also be considered, which is related to the crowd-targeting of experience stores.


3, the crowd

As far as the experience stores that have been opened so far are concerned, the main customer group is mainly migrant workers. This is why it is said that the industrial zone is also a major consideration for site selection. There are many factories around the industrial zone, and there are many factories in the factory. Understand that the male to female ratio is generally around 7:3, and these are the groups that may be transformed into experience store customers. Of course, there are also rich second generations and bosses, perhaps because of curiosity, or perhaps because of store positioning.

4, the sex doll

Sex dolls are consumables in terms of product attributes, so we need to find the right products from manufacturers. At present, the mainstream sex dolls on the market are mainly divided into silicone and TPE, and the price difference between the two materials is quite huge. The price of silicone dolls at every 10,000 yuan is a great burden for the initial stage of the store, and there is no TPE comfort in terms of experience. TPE is recommended as a service product of the experience store with its more reasonable price and a skin feel closer to the human body. . You can also set up a two-stage experience hall. The price of the tpe sex doll experience hall is relatively cheap. You can also provide some high-end silicone sex dolls for high-demand customer service. You can also provide some more diverse sex dolls, such as skinny sex doll, lolita sex doll, small sex doll etc. can meet the needs of larger people .


5, shop environment

Geographic location affects passenger flow, and the interior and exterior design of the experience store directly shows whether the experience store attracts customers’ impressions, which in turn affects orders and revenue. The exterior decoration of the store can be recommended to be straightforward. In the name of the experience store, the style can choose the style of health care pavilion or physical therapy spa pavilion. The decoration of the store needs to pay attention to the room separation and sound insulation effect to ensure the privacy of customers. In addition, many customers pay attention to the warm feeling of companionship, which greatly helps the layout of the room atmosphere. Many unique experience rooms can be designed and set up with different themes. For example, if some customers like some special scenes, such as SM or the suburbs, they can arrange different scenes, so customers will have various choices. After all, the role of sex dolls is not just sex, but also the role of the environment. A good sex environment can well enhance each other's interest. It will also attract more customers. Or you can sell some special sex toys to give customers more emotional experience.

6, publicity

The sex doll experience store has no clear rules and regulations under the current laws and policies, but as far as adult products are concerned, it is clear

Advertising is not allowed. Therefore, advertising cannot be done with much fanfare. It can only attract customers from the Internet, spread through forums, or share with regular customers of adult goods stores, and open screen advertisements in unmanned stores to drive store performance growth. The experience store tends to develop with the old and the new, so I believe that as long as the long-term and serious operation will become more prosperous.

What do you need to pay attention to in the spring of the sex doll industry

7, hygiene

I believe that many people will think about this safety issue before entering the sex doll experience store, and safety is the most important thing to pay attention to. After all, this is about the health of the customer. The prerequisite for the opening of the sex doll experience hall is to ensure that the hygiene of the sex doll meets the standards. Especially the vagina of sex doll, it is best not to use it repeatedly, and the vagina of sex doll is best to use replaceable vagina. This replaceable vagina can be sold to customers who have used it for a fee. It is necessary to ensure that the vagina used by each customer is brand new, which can effectively ensure the spread of bacteria and prevent the bacteria from the sex doll from being transmitted to the customer's body. And other body parts of the sex doll need to be paid attention to. The whole body of the sex doll needs to be disinfected continuously to ensure that the sex doll does not carry harmful bacteria.

Sex doll experience halls have sprung up on the market like bamboo shoots after the rain, indicating that sex dolls have become more and more accepted today. Of course, there are many interested customers who want to try it. This is a very good opportunity for the sex doll experience hall. If you also want to buy a sex doll, or learn more about sex dolls, welcome to check our official website, you can even buy our sex dolls at a very cost-effective price , fast Come and have your beautiful sex doll!

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