Use real sex doll cosplay |

Use real sex doll cosplay

September 23, 2020

Cosplay culture, I believe many people have heard of it. It is a role-playing cross-dressing culture that is particularly popular at this stage and is widely welcomed by young people today. I believe that many sex doll players have also heard of anime sex dolls, elf sex dolls, etc. This kind of sex doll with role identity also belongs to cosplay. But cosplay is not just a simple dress-up, it is a kind of performance art that plays characters in anime or games from costumes, accessories, props and makeup collocations. And the sex doll can perfectly complete the expression of the entire makeup and the display of the entire costume and props. This provides good model props for some props and costume sellers. If the sex doll player is a deep role-playing fan, then this better demonstrates the advantages of this sex doll. Let the player dress up his full-size sex doll well and have sex with his beloved character. Isn't this a very happy thing?

Use real sex doll cosplay

Cultural embodiment

Cosplay, many people don't particularly understand this culture, Those people do not understand the professional players who think they are acting, and they do not understand the fans who like this group. But this kind of culture often appears around us, and the emergence of this kind of culture is still developed here. That is the famous Disneyland. At the end of the 1930s, when Mickey Mouse appeared, the actors of those unknown Mickey Mouse were the ancestors of role-playing. With the appearance of physical dolls, many people also think that this is something that is more repulsive. But the emergence of this kind of physical objects has solved many problems. This is not a simple sex product. It can also be used for model needs, spiritual companionship needs and so on. The emergence of various cultures has its reasons. The emergence of inflatable dolls has helped to solve the problem of most men's sexual needs, upgraded to mature sex dolls. Solve more problems that are emerging in society now. In addition to simply solving consumer needs, this is also a manifestation of social progress. The emergence of all cultures is to solve problems, not to add trouble.

Use real sex doll cosplay

Ways of presenting

Full-size sex dolls began to become popular in Japan, but the real popularity is in China. The Japanese animation culture is also the originator of the world. At that time, the manga "Shin Treasure Island" of the God of Manga in 1947 was a solid foundation for Japan's ACG status. At that time, Disney was also propagating in Japan, and the ACG community started to imitate it. Therefore, the culture of cosplay has gradually become a trend. Later, Japan's AV actress sex culture also set off a wave. Many men's desire for actresses could not be resolved, so human-shaped sex dolls appeared. In the later development, these three types were gradually integrated, anime sex dolls appeared. Can be an anime actor, a substitute for an actress, and sexual intercourse. This is a comprehensive product, facing different industries, it can solve different needs. It also presents all the culture intact. The embodiment of actress culture is presented in a complete humanoid sex doll. The role-playing culture is perfectly reflected in the makeup, costumes and props of an anime sex doll. Therefore, sex dolls are not simply born for pornography. Not only does it serve the porn industry, it can also serve many industries.

Use real sex doll cosplay


Anime sex dolls can be used in large-scale animation exhibitions. Comparing it with real people, it is more practical. It can display makeup, costumes and props in all directions. When the real person is resting, it can continue to complete its work. It can also continue to work until its body is damaged under intact conditions, which can greatly save costs. When the player uses role-playing sex dolls for sexual intercourse, because of its particularity, it can give users more excitement. The love of animation is transformed into sex, combined with love and use, so that players who use anime sex dolls will secrete more body hormones during the experience. The whole use process will achieve the effect of drunken life and dream of death under the action of hormones. But also because of this, many players will over-indulge, their bodies will be destroyed at this time, and sex dolls will also be damaged if they cannot withstand overuse. Therefore, if you are crazy and infatuated, you also need to be temperate, for the life of the sex doll, and for your own health.

Finally, a warm reminder: The body of a sex doll will be oily, and you need to use talcum powder to spread it after cleaning. The body of a sex doll is also easier to be discolored. When wearing dark clothes, you need to wear light-colored bottoms for protection. If you need a sex doll to solve your needs, if it is to solve ordinary sex needs, you can choose an ordinary flat breasted sex doll or a big breasted sex doll. If you like two-dimensional or animation games, we also have anime sex dolls to choose from.

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