Too realistic, JY sex doll amazing everyone |

Too realistic, JY sex doll amazing everyone

August 10, 2020

In real life, we have heard of or seen many robots. Some robots can answer questions for you, serve you food, help you with certain housework, and play games with you. Some time ago, Japan also launched a female robot, and intimately named her "Wife Robot". The appearance of the "Wife Robot" is covered by a layer of silicone, it looks very smooth and delicate, and the hand feel is no different from that of a real person.

, JY sex doll

The development of sex dolls in China

Some netizens have raised questions. Let's not say that this Japanese "wife robot" is smart or not, but it is so realistic and amazing. Then the sex dolls in China have been developed for many years. Is it possible? What about the simulation doll that is comparable to the Japanese sex doll ? It seems that many people don't think so, but this is also a misunderstanding. But in fact, the export of sex dolls in China is now very developed, and many companies are developing new sex dolls. Especially during the epidemic, the export volume of sex dolls increased sharply, which promoted the development of the sex doll industry.

Today's sex dolls are no longer the inflatable dolls they used to be. An inflatable doll is just an enlarged balloon. Cheap inflatable dolls have no sense of sexy or beauty at all, and are even very fake. However, most sex dolls nowadays are made of silicone or tpe material, which is very similar to human skin. Technology does not stop there. Now many sex dolls are combined with technology, such as the previously developed Harmony, this robot sex doll  simply surpasses our existing sex dolls . After all, all our sex dolls cannot be artificially intelligent, and they are still relatively rigid silicone dolls. But now China has also produced some artificial intelligence sex doll companies, these dolls can smile and even tell you jokes to the extent of talking to you. This kind of sex doll is also the trend of social development, it can make you feel more functional sex dolls, you will be addicted to these perfect sex dolls.

, JY sex doll

JY sex doll

JY sex doll is a very prominent representative. JY sex doll is a relatively large sex doll company in China. The dolls made by this company are very lifelike and are of various types. No matter what kind of sex doll you like, you can find a home here. Many sex doll manufacturers make a style of sex doll, which is bound to not satisfy everyone's sex doll needs. But JY sex dolls will not, because the sex dolls in this shop cater to many needs. Whether it is a reserved and shy oriental girl, or a bold and enthusiastic oriental girl, you can find your home here. JY's sex dolls also produced some sex dolls that cater to niche groups, such as pregnant sex dolls, or some transgender sex dolls. If you like to have sex with this set of sex dolls, then these special sex dolls will definitely make you crazy. You will definitely want to stay at home every day and have more wonderful emotions with such a charming and sexy stunner.

For many single men, it is really a dream to have a good-looking and gentle and considerate girlfriend. Since the emergence of human-level model sex dolls, these can become reality instead of dreams.

Too realistic, JY sex doll amazing everyone

JY's super realistic sex doll

In the sex doll community, human-level model sex dolls began to appear. As the first doll of this brand, the sex doll is really too realistic. It amazes everyone when it comes out. The key point is that the sex doll's price/performance ratio is super high. This wax-like silicone head plus a full-body real mold, actually only needs It's 4,000 dollars. You heard it right or read it right. It's really 4,000. Everyone besieged JY sex doll at the beginning. They all liked to pick and embarrass the JY sex doll. They thought it was either bragging or a fake. Created a real-life model sex doll. Including me, don't believe it.

At the current market price, a real-life model sex doll of no more than 10,000 US dollars is really not too much. It is really cost-effective. Slowly JY sex doll uses products to speak, and uses the power of technology to convince everyone. . The combination of the wax figure silicone head and the full-body tpe body has created not only a sex doll, but also a lot of other dolls. When the sex doll first came out, it surprised everyone. Now the status of sex dolls Still unchanged, it can be said that it can withstand the test of time.

This kind of real-life model sex doll can completely become your companion in life. It has a good appearance and a good figure. The visual enjoyment is obviously combined with the real tactile experience. No wonder it will surprise everyone.

It is reported that the JY sex doll is a real-life model sex doll, in addition to high-value and realistic and sexy body, her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes are implanted with real people, and her skin is completely copied from the real model. It is also clearly visible. It is amazing both visually and tactilely. She can't speak or do housework, but she doesn't need to rest, lose her temper, and won't fight with you. She can act A quiet and beautiful woman is silently by your side, allowing you to see and touch. JY sex doll exists in this way. As long as you need her, she is a good companion.

Too realistic, JY sex doll amazing everyone

Hair transplanted sex dolls will of course be more realistic, but a hair transplanted sex doll is more expensive, and artificial hair transplanting will take more time. But you can also choose not to plant hair. After all, cleaning the head of a sex doll is a big problem, and you need to spend a lot of time and energy to clean the hair. And if you want to change the look of your sex doll, it may be more troublesome. Wigs can solve this problem very well. Although your sex doll may not look so realistic, your sex doll can be more convenient to clean and change its shape.

From the appearance of the current sex dolls, it can be said that the appearance similarity with people is extremely high. Especially inverted sex dolls, just like people. But from the inside of sex dolls, these sex dolls still do not have human thoughts and feelings, and they cannot yet achieve the level of human interaction. But in terms of the appearance of the doll, JY sex doll  is indeed the leader of sex dolls, especially Xiaoqian sold by JY sex doll, Xiaoqian is loved by many male customers . It has almost become a classic, especially the relatively cheap price and high-quality products, so Xiaoqian, a sex doll, is well received. If you are also interested in this sex doll, come and find out!

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