The predecessor, present and future of the real doll |

The predecessor, present and future of the real doll

December 24, 2020

For some doll friends who are concerned about sex dolls, they may all know that the predecessor of the current simulation sex doll is an inflatable doll, and its future development will be an AI sex partner, and the current doll is in the development stage and is divided into TPE real dolls and silicone real dolls, then let’s take a look at the development of her predecessor, now, and in the future.

Irontch sex doll

The difference between inflatable dolls and real dolls

Obviously, the inside of the inflatable doll is actually empty, and it needs to be filled with gas or air to show a human shape, while the physical doll has a metal frame and a solid silicone (or TPE) material.

As mentioned above, inflatable dolls are divided into three categories: inflatable dolls, semi-solid dolls and solid dolls. First, let's take a look at the cheapest and most frequently inflated doll. These inflatable dolls need to be inflated to form a real person. The appearance looks very different from real people, very ugly. The posture cannot be changed, the texture is not very good, and the smell is unpleasant. If the real person is a balloon, the vagina is similar to the vagina mold of the real person.

The real doll is very humanoid and almost odorless. People have sex with real dolls, which brings them a good experience. This relationship does apply to many men and women and brings joy to a boring life. Because of the rich and healthy influence, couples living in many parts of the world like to buy these products to bring more fun to their lives.

These real dolls have completely changed people's sex lives. You will find countless men bring dolls home for various reasons. Some people already have a partner, but using these dolls can enjoy extra fantasies in married life without hurting the partner. Especially when it comes to improving interpersonal relationships, there is a great demand for Aihua. In the past few years, the number of couples enjoying life with real sex dolls has increased. The real dolls under development are mainly divided into entity dolls of two materials.

big breasts sex doll

TPE real doll

Let's start with TPE (short for Thermoplastic Elastomer). TPE is a new modern material, a mixture of rubber and plastic.
Compared with silicone, it is more flexible, even if it is stretched repeatedly, it can still return to its original shape. The touch is also softer and feels better. The chest and buttocks have sexy elasticity to "impact". Therefore, TPE is more realistic as a skin.
Since TPE dolls are more flexible, they can be used in more extreme positions than silicone dolls.
And TPE is much cheaper than silicone-probably the most important difference between them.

tpe sex doll

Silicone real doll

Silicone resin is more resistant to sunlight, high temperature, hot water, general water, scratches, stains, etc. It is not as sticky as TPE.
Compared to TPE, some people prefer the feel of a silicone vagina, but you have to test it and decide for yourself.
Cleaning, maintenance, and maintenance are easier, your doll will last longer and work less. TPE is still far behind.
Due to the high price of silicone sex dolls, manufacturers usually use better materials than TPE models to make the skeleton of the silicone model. Or add other functions to differentiate it into higher-level models.
Silicone is the most commonly used material in the manufacture of male dolls because it can give the skin a realistic texture, and is durable and non-reactive, so it is safe to use. Most high-end dolls are made of silicone. When they are touched, their bodies (including the holes) are amazingly carved and will be surprised. In addition, the faces of these dolls are similar to real girls. Silicone dolls are heavier than other types of dolls. This is a good thing. Usually, they are half the weight of a real person. Because of their realistic appearance, they are used as models by photographers.

silicone sex doll

Robot sex doll

The development of real dolls is AI robot dolls, we can call them sex robots. The built-in heater makes her body temperature the same as yours, so the inside of your penis is more popular. The touch sensor in the correct position allows her to understand your work, so she responds in the right way: moaning, encouraging words or even orgasm. Dolls can also talk and answer in casual sexy sentences.
AI robots can smile and wink, (almost) maintain a conversation, tell jokes, and even remember your favorite meal or people's name. Most importantly, by observing your reaction, she can understand your preferences and desires. And... you can also change her personality by using the accompanying smartphone app.

gynoid sex doll

With the development of the times, AI sex machine companions will be the main development direction, and even AI sex machine companions will be smarter than we thought, but for now, sex dolls are very suitable for our general public, after all, inflatable dolls Has fallen behind, and the AI ​​sex machine companion is too expensive.

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