Some tips for taking pictures of physical dolls |

Some tips for taking pictures of physical dolls

August 11, 2020

More and more friends have their own dolls, and then want to take pictures of their sex dolls to share with netizens, or keep them as a souvenir. But it is the first time many people come into contact with these sex dolls. When they see some good-looking photos taken by others, they can't help but ask questions. Why are the photos I took not as good-looking as others? Why are the photos I took so strange and not so beautiful? In fact, there are some tips on how to take photos of sex dolls. As long as you master these tips, you can take all kinds of beautiful photos just like others. If you are interested, just continue reading later!

 correct and beautiful posture

Take the correct and beautiful posture and look of the doll

This is an important point! If the chubby sex doll  has no action. It was just a cold body! Even with the best equipment and the best technology, it is difficult to take beautiful photos! And even if a real person is standing there without any movement or posture, the photos taken will not look good.

First of all. It is the window of the soul—the eyes. Many owners who are new to sex dolls do not know how to adjust their eyes, and they feel apathetic. In fact, it is not difficult to adjust the eyes. Before the two eyeballs, don't separate them too much. Otherwise, it will seem to be in a daze. Gather a little in the middle to be more lively! And normal people's eyeballs are gathered slightly toward the middle, and the two eyeballs are best symmetrical. Asymmetric eyeballs can be very strange. Can you imagine your sex doll with one eye rolled and one eye is normal? This is very weird, just like the protagonist in a horror movie. How to make the correct eyes for the doll? In fact, this is very simple, you can refer to the position of your eyeballs or other sex doll photos, how the eyeballs of those delicate sex dolls are placed.

Next comes the joints. I watch the forum every day. I saw many sex dolls of my friends. The movements are very stiff. This is actually very simple. Just pay attention to each joint, don't go straight. Break a little arc. Slightly curved, more like a real person. Still the same sentence, "Send yourself down for the sake of the doll. If you were her, how would you put your hands and feet?" Normal humans can't fully straighten their joints, they are so stiff! And people are not standing upright on the ground, but have a certain arc. This is very important. The posture of your sex doll should be as natural as possible.

Some tips for taking pictures of physical dolls

Pay special attention to the fingers! Because there is no modified doll. Most of the fingers are wire. So sometimes it will be particularly distorted! Therefore, it is best to adjust the doll's fingers before you take a picture, and it is best to match the correct placement of human fingers. Don't be too distorted, these small details will affect the beauty of your sex doll to a great extent.


Camera angle

The best angle to shoot a baby is to shoot diagonally up 45° and face down. Find the problem of angle. There is a very practical tip, you can turn up and down and left and right before shooting. See which angle of the doll is the most beautiful! Because the photos you take are consistent with the angle that your human eyes see, it will save time. And everyone's sex dolls are different. Different sex dolls have different angles. Some sex dolls may have a more beautiful left face, and some sex dolls may have a more beautiful right face. This is because It depends on the person. So you just need to follow your own heart, you only need to find out the most beautiful angle of your sex doll, and you can take more beautiful photos of your sex doll. When you take photos, it is best to imagine the sex doll as a real person, and imagine her in what angle and posture is the most beautiful, because life size sex doll  Can't move by oneself. So you need to fine-tune her posture. I believe that everyone has a good understanding of their role in the process of taking pictures.

I believe that many people still use mobile phones to shoot. SLRs are heavy and tired. It's not easy to operate at all. If you don't have high requirements for pictures, in fact, the pixels of ordinary mobile phones are enough. And the mobile phone is very portable, you can take pictures of your sex doll at any time, and it is very convenient to charge. Almost anytime, anywhere, as long as you have the desire to take pictures of you, you can take pictures of your sex doll at any time. Because the mobile phone is relatively small, you can change different postures and angles, but if it is a camera, it is more bulky and difficult to meet your needs for different angles.

Some tips for taking pictures of physical dolls

There must be sufficient light

Fill light is more esoteric. I won't elaborate too much. If you need it, you can search on Google. Or contact us, we will guide you in detail to help you take better photos. Let's briefly say: Don't worry if you don't have a flash. You can remove the lampshade with a table lamp, floor lamp, etc. Come as a light source! Don't worry if there is no reflector, you can use white cardboard or other white objects as reflectors! It may be said that too many people are also at a loss. In short, you can bring the lamp closer and try more! At least it can make your photos clearer. I don't know if you have noticed that there are many small black spots when shooting with a mobile phone in a dark place, which involves the issue of sensitivity! Just let the light be more sufficient.

If you find a feeling. You can try further! For example, lights at the same angle. Get closer and farther away. The intensity of the flash can be simulated. Use cardboard to cover part of it. You can change the width of the light! You can also try to roll up the book. Act as a light-concentrating bucket! In short, you can try more if you have time. Shooting a baby is also a kind of fun~

Don't make a mess of background. Then put on the mosaic! Pictures like that are meaningless! It is better to take close-up close-ups, if you love her, make a little space for her!

Some tips for taking pictures of physical dolls

After you take photos of your sex doll, the satisfaction is beyond words. You give your sex doll more possibilities. After mastering these little skills, you will find that your sex doll will be more beautiful and delicate under the lens, and you will fully express her beauty. She shines brilliantly under your lens. These sex dolls will be your best company. But all in all, knowing these little tricks is just a simple start, and you still need more in-depth learning and progress. Only after constant practice, your photography technique will be more refined and beautiful. Hurry up and take more beautiful pictures of your sex doll! We look forward to your sharing. If you don't have sex dolls, come and buy cheap sex dolls ! You can also take more beautiful pictures.

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