Should I buy standing feet when buying sex dolls? |

Should I buy standing feet when buying sex dolls?

December 19, 2020

As a newbie buying for the first time, he is more concerned about some general content, but he hasn't noticed many details, such as which one to choose between the split doll and the one doll? Which one should I choose between mobile vagina and fixed vagina? Choose standing feet or regular? These are not the most correct answers. They are all based on your own conditions. Just like choosing a big breasted sex doll and a small breasted doll, different hobbies have different hangings. Let's learn more about the following standing feet and regular feet.

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What are standing feet?

When choosing sex dolls, many people always think that dolls should be able to stand, but in fact there are two choices for sex dolls: standing feet and regular feet.
In terms of TPE materials. Because the material is relatively soft. So she is not able to stand, but in order for the sex doll to stand, three screws are equipped on its feet as an extension of the skeleton to support the doll's standing.
As far as the silicone material is concerned, although the silicone material is slightly harder, the doll is not like a real person. It has no sense of balance, so if it wants to stand, it must be equipped with three screws on its feet to maintain balance.

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Use the standing function correctly

ven with the standing function, the doll may not be able to stand completely stable. The three screws at the bottom are just for support, not particularly stable, because the doll is not a real person, and has a cerebellum to keep the balance of the body, so you still need to find the wall or rely on things that make her stand firm.
When selecting the standing function, do not wear socks for the doll, as the screws may damage the socks. In addition, when you put on the doll's shoes, please wear a few more socks or use a harder insole to make the shoes not easily damaged.
Of course, there is another way. You can put the leather insoles on the doll's feet first, and then put on the socks.

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Advantage and disadvantage of standing feet and regular feet

Standing feet sex dolls are more convenient. Sometimes dolls also need to stand. Standing feet are necessary at this time; if you use a doll as a model, you still need to stand.
But for those who are looking for the perfect body, these three screws will undoubtedly destroy the integrity of the soles of the feet.
Non-standing dolls, if you happen to not need the doll to stand for a long time, regular feet are best. Due to the internal skeleton of the pedal, this metal may directly wear the TPE sole when you keep it standing.

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In the end, whether you choose a TPE sex doll or a silicone sex doll, a full-body sex doll or a torso sex doll, a standing foot sex doll or a regular sex doll, these all depend on the customer's own needs. As long as you choose sex dolls, Then you can always find the type you want.

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