Problems you may encounter when you build your own sex doll |

Problems you may encounter when you build your own sex doll

August 05, 2020


There are many types of sex dolls now, and you can see unique sex dolls. They have attractive figures, huge soft breasts, slender and long legs and delicate pink vaginas. It's hard to look away from us, we all want to have a beautiful sex doll. But the price of these sex dolls is relatively expensive, and it is difficult for us to bear such a high cost. Many smart people put forward the idea of making their own sex dolls and try to make some sex dolls by themselves. In fact, it is not difficult to make a sex doll, that is, the skeleton-filling (sponge)-silicone watering demoulding ,applying makeup. Compared with the process of silica gel, it looks a lot simpler, but when we actually try it, there will always be many problems. Common problems are as follows. If you know in advance, you can avoid these problems in the production process. If you are curious, just read on! We will reveal the secrets for you one by one.



Most sex dolls use tpe material, which is melted and poured into the sex doll mold. The doll can be formed in the mold, but in the process of pouring. It is inevitable that air will enter. Air will enter the body of the doll to form bubbles. Surface bubbles are difficult to eliminate during molding. You can imagine that when making a cake, the air enters the structure of the cake, so that our cake can become fluffy and tender. But if our sex doll is the same as the cake, it will cause us a lot of trouble. The first is that there are bubbles inside the doll. You can imagine your sex doll full of bubbles. It's like a honeycomb ball. That would be very scary.

This not only affects the beauty, but also may affect our physical health. Tpe sex doll  itself has some small pores, but if there are large bubbles, it will be very troublesome, and the bubbles will not burst inside the doll's body. If it is on the surface of the body, the bubble bursting from the doll is likely to store bacteria. Imagine that we are in contact with such a sex doll every day, we are in close contact with the sex doll, we kiss her skin surface, or suck her skin. You may inhale the bacteria in the bubbles of these sex dolls into your body.

Therefore, we must be careful not to mix in too much air in the process of pouring the mold. This way your sex doll will be perfect.



After the molding is cooled and the mold is opened, cracks may occur, or the glue position is insufficient. This is very scary. If your sex doll has only a small part of the crack, it is better to recover, just use glue to repair the cracked skin of the sex doll. It is almost invisible to be a broken sex doll.

In the process of making sex dolls, you must pay attention to the temperature of the sex dolls. Too high or too low will not work. It must reach a suitable temperature. Then the poured sex dolls are perfect. Moreover, the cooling temperature and time require precise calculations. You can eliminate the internal stress and reduce the generation of cracks by performing annealing heat treatment immediately after forming. As for how long it takes and how high the temperature is to get your sex doll, it depends on the situation. Because different appliances and different materials are different, there will be strict requirements. To make a perfect sex doll, we need to master every detail. You can go directly to the sex doll factory to learn, the sex doll factory will have a full set of production methods. You can go there and study. After all, it is very difficult to make a complete sex doll only with personal efforts. You will experience countless failures, and the sex doll you make will not be perfect. What's more, you will spend a lot of material costs, but the tpe material of the sex doll will cost a lot of money.



After the sex doll is formed, the problem that may still be encountered in the makeup process is that it is not easy to paint. You should not underestimate this coloring. The coloring of sex dolls is very important and the key to whether your sex doll looks good or not. If your sex doll cannot wear makeup, her face will look very pale, like a dead person. You can imagine that when you go to the bathroom at night and see your sex doll in the dark, her face is not bloody. This tests your heart very much. I wonder if you can bear this kind of shock. If the face of a sex doll is not easy to color, you can try some simple methods. Some are said to be difficult to apply. Use a small brush to brush the pastels. Shake off the powder before brushing, otherwise it will be uneven. You can also use some strong paint or other materials. It will make your sex doll look more delicate and beautiful.

Making the head is a very troublesome task, and it requires manual shaping of the facial features of the doll. It is difficult to operate if you are not a professional. You can choose sex doll head accessories , these dolls have different heads, you only need to buy different heads to experience sex dolls with different faces Feeling like making love!

Problems you may encounter when you build your own sex doll


If you have not encountered the above problems, congratulations, your sex doll is already very good. But the doll is well made, but its weight is difficult to control. Although some sex dolls look perfect in appearance, they do not have any errors in details. But the problem of overweight is hard to avoid. Due to the homemade sex doll, you are not very clear about the various parameters and detailed information of the sex doll. How to make your sex doll lighter is a question worth pondering. Some advanced doll factories will develop many materials to reduce the weight of sex dolls. Of course, we don't know what materials they use, but they also use tpe or silicone materials. These materials may add some other materials to make the skin of the sex doll softer and more comfortable, and reduce the amount of oil in the skin of the sex doll. We obviously cannot achieve their level of craftsmanship.

Seeing the sex doll you have formed is inevitably excited, but when you are excited, you need to think, can you really carry such a heavy sex doll? Can you bear the weight of this sex doll? Maybe you spent all your energy putting your sex doll to bed, not to mention you two enjoying this beautiful night together? Too heavy sex doll is undoubtedly a big problem, your sex doll has been shaped, naturally it is impossible to go back to the furnace to remake. So we need to solve the problem that the doll is too heavy. You have to think that your sex doll breasts are too big? Or is your tpe material not available? You can also go to the sex doll forum to ask some players who have made sex dolls, you can share your experience with each other.

Problems you may encounter when you build your own sex doll

Making a sex doll is not easy, although the steps seem very simple, but this is a very unfamiliar area to you. How should this be handled? And you will face many unpredictable problems during your manufacturing process. The money spent is enough to buy a high-quality sex doll, so why spend too much time and experience making your own sex doll? If you are looking for your sex doll, we will provide you with the cheapest sex dolls. These sex dolls have exquisite faces and only cost more than one thousand dollars. You can easily bring your sex dolls home . Come and enjoy your sex doll! You can also watch more sex doll videos on our website ! Hope to provide you with more enlightening inspiration!

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