Perfect  sex doll---- integrity |

Perfect sex doll---- integrity

November 09, 2020

Everyone has their own preferences. No one likes things (except money). The perfect dolls I call are perfect dolls for most people. Let me talk about what is the basis of a perfect doll.

beautiful sex doll

I know some people like incomplete beauty, but I think most people like complete beauty. If you are asked to choose a wife from two people, and the two conditions are similar, but one is physically disabled and the other is healthy, how would you choose?

high quality sex doll

Or, a physically handicapped person looks good, curvy and has good temperament, while another person is healthy, with less obvious average appearance and curves. Which one would you choose? I believe many people can find the answer, but if you buy a sex doll, then you don't have to worry about it. You can directly buy full-size sex dolls because they can be very beautiful, have a good figure and attractive temperament.

torso sex doll

The difference between full-size sex dolls and torso sex dolls

1. Differences in body parts. Full-size limbs are sound and functional, and the torso lacks hands or legs or limbs.
2. The weight is different. In the case of the same size, the full size will be slightly heavier, and the torso will be lighter.
3. Different experience. I bought physical dolls because they are more realistic and realistic. The experience of the torso doll is definitely not as good as the full-size doll. If you look at the dolls in the dark, they will even scare you into the shadows.

low price sex doll

Why do many people buy torso dolls?

1. No money. Yes, there are many people on the ground floor. They can't afford full-size dolls, so they can only choose torso dolls.
2. There is a problem with the torso of the old doll. If they want to reduce costs, they want to refit it, so they buy torso dolls.
3. People who like incomplete beauty, there are always people in the world who like unusually different and incomplete feelings, so they bought torso dolls.

full size sex doll

My advice

Most people who buy torso dolls are poor. They think it is cheaper and more economical because they only look at the price. It should be recalculated to see which is more appropriate. 1. You must know that there are doll molds among manufacturers, because most people like to choose full-size dolls, so manufacturers have full-size doll molds and can choose more body types. 2. In some unethical manufacturers, they will convert full-size dolls with damaged limbs into torso dolls, and then sell them at first-hand prices. After the second transformation, the quality is definitely not as good as the first hand, and there are quality problems. In this case, even a full-size doll is more expensive, but it can be used and lasts for a long time, so it is not expensive. In addition, the quality of the torso doll is slightly poor, so if it breaks, you need to repair or buy a new one. Isn't this more expensive?

silience head and TPE body sex doll

No matter what the author thinks, a perfect doll must be complete, and a complete doll is the foundation of a perfect doll, right?


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