People have longed for true love on real sex dolls for a long time |

People have longed for true love on real sex dolls for a long time

August 27, 2020

People have been looking for a safe home for their feelings. Sex dolls are a good place for humans to place their thoughts and feelings on them. No matter what distress in life, you can tell your sex doll. At the same time, you can also treat her as a real person, so you have a very delicate and beautiful super real sex doll . You eat and live with your sex doll, and she stays with you every day, so that you no longer feel lonely. And you will feel that your heart is full. This is the magic of your sex doll, but in fact, human beings have never given up looking for a spiritual home. I have always hoped to get love and spiritual harbor from the sex doll. Do you know how people in the past found a sense of belonging and love on sex dolls? If you are interested, please continue reading.

People have longed for true love on real sex dolls for a long time

The first publicly displayed sex doll in history

Oscar Kokoschka, the first in history to display a doll publicly. Kokoschka, who lived in the 20th century, once repeatedly displayed a doll named Alma in public. He took her in a carriage, went to the opera together, and met friends. Basically imitating the days when he fell in love with the widow Alma. The real person Alma is much older than him. They fell in love for three years and finally separated. The shocked Kokoschka couldn't let go of this relationship, so he made a sex doll to miss each other. Wawa is cold but tolerant. She accepts desires, and she also accepts a crazy infatuation.

It is said that as early as in the "Chronicles of China and the West" in the Qing Dynasty, the historian Xia Xie recorded a novelty of Westerners, inflatable dolls.

He wrote: "Foreigners can make things into naked women, skin, bones, ears, eyes, teeth, tongues, yin and orifices, and when they are folded like clothing, they are soft and warm like a beautiful woman when they are folded and warmed like a beauty. Humanity, coincidence and frustration.” Westerners did invent this thing very early. As early as the 17th century, when mankind had just made great discoveries on the sea, and entered the age of marine adventure, sailors had been on the sea for a long time, unable to relieve their desires, and would carry a "voyage lady" on long voyages.

The "Mrs. Voyages" are very simple, and they are generally "inflatable dolls" made of cloth, old clothes and cotton. They are not easy to use, but they are better than nothing. After all, it can solve their sexual desires well. Let the sailors find spiritual refuge in the vast sea, facing the endless sky and unfathomable ocean every day, bringing despair to countless people. These sex dolls were made by Dutch sailors and sold to Japanese merchants in Japan. People at that time called this sex dolls Dutch wives.

People have longed for true love on real sex dolls for a long time

The further development of modern sex dolls

Later, in the early 20th century, a French mechanic invented a truly inflatable doll. But it is widely believed that it was Hitler and his Nazi army that eventually carried forward this thing. Unexpectedly. The Führer’s regiment once had a secret "Borghild" project. It is a plan to develop inflatable dolls to benefit Nazi soldiers. It is said that the head of state made very specific requirements for the dolls: "They must be fair ladies, with sexy appearance, white skin, golden hair, blue eyes, and a height of 176 cm. Of course, they have to be thick. Lips and big breasts."

There have always been divergent opinions as to whether the "Borghild" project actually produced sex dolls. One said that an Allied bombing destroyed the inflatable doll factory at that time, and Hitler's sex doll planned to die. In addition, a certain number of dolls must have been manufactured at that time, because after the war, the German market soon began to sell inflatable dolls. In any case, after the war, inflatable dolls did enter the German consumer market.

Ruth Handler, the founder of Barbie dolls, also saw the so-called pornographic dolls while passing through Germany one day, and invented the Barbie doll, a toy for children. Today's Barbie dolls sell well all over the world, giving birth to countless doll industries. And Barbie has even become a cultural symbol and symbol of American dolls.

People have longed for true love on real sex dolls for a long time

Modern sex dolls pursue a further leap in love

Today, Japan has almost the largest number of sex doll factories in the world. For example, the famous "Oriental Industry", this factory in Ueno, Tokyo has been around for more than 40 years. It produces hundreds of thousands of sex dolls with a price of 200,000-680,000 yen each year and sells them all over the world. In addition to sex and fun, these Japanese sex dolls  are also live industrial art products, very beautiful. Now people are no longer satisfied with ordinary sex dolls, but strive for truth.

Dongfang Industry is a top sex doll manufacturer. The sex dolls produced by this sex doll factory are exquisite in appearance, which can almost achieve a true look of a complete reproduction of people. Whether it is hair implantation or clearly visible purple blood vessels, it shows that these sex dolls are a very advanced sex doll. Some doll craftsmen can even depict the fingerprints of the doll's fingers. The inner phalanx of the doll is also a three-section finger that simulates the reality of human beings, achieving a highly simulated appearance. This is just a similar appearance.

Today's AI technology implantation allows sex dolls to talk. Not only does she have a real appearance, but these ultra-real robot sex dolls can even talk to you freely. When you feel depressed, she will tell you jokes, comfort you, and bring you spiritual freedom and satisfaction. The current intelligentization of robot sex dolls still has certain limitations. For example, sex dolls can't achieve all intelligence, they can only achieve one of their own functions in certain aspects, and cannot achieve a multi-angle and multi-directional intelligence. But people will never stop exploring. People hope that their sex doll can fall in love with themselves, just like a real person, to comfort the withered inner world of modern humans.

Sex dolls really make people feel spiritual sustenance. Many people ask for custom sex dolls , and they require that the appearance of these sex dolls be exactly the same as their partners. Many elderly people who lost their wives in their early years hope to learn from sex dolls. I saw the shadow of my wife. To allow his wife to be resurrected, a person's old age is really lonely. However, sex dolls with the same appearance can bring more psychological comfort to these groups. Sex dolls can make them feel that their lover is always by their side, allowing them to obtain spiritual salvation.

People have longed for true love on real sex dolls for a long time

People have been pursuing love, and used to place their love on real people, but these are very short-lived, just like a flash in the pan. We all say that things are impermanent, and we never know which one will come first, tomorrow or accident. All is uncertain, love will disappear, lover will derail, we are extremely confused in modern society. But sex dolls are a very good object. In the future, they will have more functions and can completely replace real people and fully meet people's spiritual needs. She will never leave you or deceive you. All you need to know is that she will love you with all your heart. Come and have your perfect sex doll! She will be the most peaceful haven for your soul.

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