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Look at it-make up your mind to buy sex dolls

November 27, 2020

Before buying sex dolls, you must think twice. You may be wondering what kind of sex doll to buy or where to buy it. This is a very tangled question. Although you now want to have a sex doll to meet your sexual needs, you still struggle with your decision for several weeks. It is difficult to decide which is better? So at this time, let me make some suggestions for you, so that you can be satisfied and make up your mind.

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1. How much are you going to spend to buy sex dolls?

Before deciding to buy a sex doll, budget first. Once you have passed the budget, your consumption will be within your tolerance, and you will not be struggling with life because of buying sex dolls. If your income is about 5,000 US dollars, you will be able to spend 2000-2500 as a budget. This budget will not affect your life, or if you want to get a better sex doll, then you can save money to buy .

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2. What kind of sex doll with material appearance do you want?


The two most popular types of sex dolls currently on the market are silicones and thermoplastic elastomers (commonly referred to as TPE). Other materials include Cyber ​​Skin and latex. If you want to know the specific introduction of the two, silicone and TPE have their advantages and disadvantages. To compare the two, you can read my other articles for specific instructions.
Simply put, TPE feels good, and TPE sex dolls are soft and cheap. Therefore, if you are one of those who like soft dolls, then TPE is your best choice. Silicone is very heat resistant and more durable than TPE material. Finally, we found that the skin of these silicone sex dolls is more real and more eye-catching.

Size and weight

It varies from person to person. Customers who buy are interested in height and weight, and like sex dolls that suit their height, or they like height differences. You should carefully match the weight and size of the doll you want to buy with your physical fitness. For example, compared with life-size dolls weighing 40KG or 90 pounds, mini sex dolls are very easy to store and manipulate. Therefore, if there is not enough space to lift or move these dolls, in your room, you It is best to buy a mini sex doll. Or, if you are concerned about privacy, then you can definitely choose a small sex doll. However, if you have enough space to store your doll, or always want to put it on the bed, then a full-size doll is a good choice!


According to faces, there are many sex dolls on the market. Like sex dolls in Latin America, sex dolls in Asia, face dolls in Europe and America, cartoon sex dolls and so on. That kind of face is what you like. Where is the crooked girl? Is it someone with big boobs or big ass? Are you still looking for black or Japanese women?
You can find various styles of sex dolls in the store, even if your financial situation allows, you can even customize your favorite sex dolls.


JY, 6YE, AS, WM, AF, Irontech, Qita, Gyniod, XY, Yuku, YL, etc., many of which are relatively well-known sex doll brands in China, why recommend these sex dolls? One reason is that these brands (WM) are either well-known all over the world, and the other is that these brands (JY) have relatively good quality and low prices. It can widely meet the requirements of consumers who are concerned about brand, quality, price and other factors.

As for the type of doll, you can choose according to your preferences (huge breasts, large breasts, medium breasts, small breasts, mini, medium, tall, slim, fat, thin, big ass, BBW, blonde, silver, black Hair, brown hair, orange-red hair, purple hair, long legs, dark skin, wheat skin, white skin, etc.), your favorite type.

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3. Compare store prices, services and discounts

For shoppers, they should fully evaluate the product and choose the most cost-effective product. Compare store products. For example, which brand and appearance of sex dolls are lower, compare whether the store is free shipping, and compare the store’s service attitude and after-sales service. After-sales service is very important. If there is any problem with the product, you can seek after-sales service help. If two products are almost the same, then which store offers more discounts or gifts, then obviously which one to choose. The evaluation of the store is very important. Many users who have previously purchased from this store are not interested in you. They have no reason to lie to you. Therefore, reading reviews is very important.

Finally, I hope my suggestions can help you buy sex dolls so that you can buy the most satisfactory sex dolls.

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Finally, I hope these can help you understand and choose dolls correctly.

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