Is there an age limit for buying and using sex dolls? |

Is there an age limit for buying and using sex dolls?

September 05, 2020

Every time you click on a website that sells sex dolls, there will always be a small pop-up window that lets you choose whether you meet the conditions of adulthood. Why do such small pop-up windows appear on every website? This is because the purchase of sex dolls is restricted by age, and minors cannot buy sex dolls. Moreover, in the silicone doll experience hall seen on the street, “Minors are not allowed to enter” will be pasted at the door. Why is there such a restriction? This is an express provision of various countries. In protecting the mental health growth and physical development of minors. They are often still in the stage of growth and development, and when they are not particularly mature physically and mentally, they have relatively little contact and understanding of sex knowledge. Improper purchase and use may bring adverse effects to them. Therefore, the purchase and use of sex dolls are of course limited by age, which is adulthood, and there is no upper limit. But at the age when you can use sex dolls, you still need to pay attention to the limits of your body. Don't lose your body for a moment of happiness. Now let's talk about the impact of using mature sex dolls and experiencing sex life when you are a minor.

Is there an age limit for buying and using sex dolls?

Physical influence

Generally speaking, the body is basically mature after the age of 18. So premature sex when having sex before the age of 18. Sex occurs at an age that is not able to bear sex, and it affects both boys and girls. For underage women, they are more likely to suffer from gynecological diseases, because the vagina and vulva tissues are not yet mature, and the surface tissues are weak, which may cause severe hymen tears and bleeding. It may also be because the defense function is not strong enough, so that the dirt or microorganisms that enter the vagina spread inside, thereby causing infection. This may affect fertility, and then increase the risk of cervical cancer. Sexual life is closely related to the incidence of cervical cancer. The earlier the sexual life and the longer the sexual life history, the higher the incidence of cervical cancer. According to relevant statistics, the prevalence of cervical cancer for women who have sex before the age of 18 is ten times higher than that of the average person. For those who have sex after the age of 21, the incidence of cervical cancer is 1/4 of that of women before the age of 20; Therefore, women should try not to have sex before they reach adulthood, and they should not buy male sex dolls. This is to protect themselves. For underage men, premature sexual intercourse can cause sexual dysfunction, and they are prone to premature ejaculation, impotence, backache and other diseases in adulthood. Therefore, if you buy and use a curvy sex doll at this time, it may bring some unhealthy effects to your body. If older men use sex dolls, they should pay more attention to their physical conditions. If you are too excited, you should stop your own sexual behavior in time to prevent the outbreak of heart disease or sudden rise in blood pressure.

Is there an age limit for buying and using sex dolls?

Psychological influence

Humans are naturally addicted to sex. why would you said this? Sexual desire and motivation come from a kind of nerve compound in the human body, dopamine. As a minor, the brain is at the peak of dopamine production and neuroplasticity, and it is more addictive to pornography. In the case of immature mentality, minors do not know about temperance and are prone to excessive indulgence, and fatigued sex can easily induce male diseases. There is also easy to cause sexual dysfunction. Without the correct knowledge of sexuality, premature involvement in sex will lead to mental stress, which will lead to failure of sexual behavior, which will bring serious psychological shadows and make future There will be some first impressions in sex life. For the underage girls, because they have been instilled in their subconscious minds of prohibiting sex from underage, once this principle is broken, they will have fear, tension, self-blame and contradictions. At this time, many girls often begin to have a strong rebellious psychology. I think I am no longer the obedient girl that everyone loved. So they began to fall in love and socialize more unscrupulously, engage in more sex, and then fall into an endless loop. Therefore, once a minor starts to have sex and uses realistic sex dolls, this not only affects him alone, but seriously affects the entire family.

Is there an age limit for buying and using sex dolls?

Through analysis, we can understand why there are restrictions on the purchase and use of sex dolls. Although it cannot be said that all the existence is reasonable, the existence of this kind of standard is reasonable in the case that underage cannot buy and use full-size sex dolls. To protect minors, start with this little thing. Minors should also love themselves, in order to have a better sex life in the future, self-discipline and self-protection. If adults have sexual needs that need to be solved and want to solve them through real sex dolls, our mall can provide a lot of mature sex doll resources. If you don’t know how to buy, please communicate with our customer service, our customer service will give you the best advice and provide you with more valuable information, so that you can understand the life-size sex doll more clearly , Allowing you to enjoy the most meticulous shopping service.

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