Is owning a sex doll a sick psychology? |

Is owning a sex doll a sick psychology?

August 12, 2020

Many people will put sick words on the behavior of some men owning sex dolls. But let's think about it again-why do we think this is pathological? Everyone has their own hobbies, isn't this love? Why is there no problem when playing with a doll, but a problem when playing with a sex doll? We need to think, why do we regard some subcultures as morbid cultures? So from the psychological point of view, owning these cheap tpe sex dolls  is a kind of pathological psychology?

 sick psychology

Treated as pathological real events

In our lives or in our lives, it is not difficult to meet men who have sex dolls. They face and confess their truth as men, but they are treated as pathological and bizarre. For example, father and son in Guizhou, China have 7 sex dolls and treat sex dolls as family members. The feelings that were family-like were regarded by netizens as a kind of public opinion hype, or stigmatized by the outside world. This is very hopeless and misunderstood by the outside world. There is also a doctor of Zhejiang University who married a sex doll as his wife. This courage to disregard worldly prejudices is amazing. But at the same time, many people also think he is abnormal. According to the traditional Chinese philosophy, he should find a normal woman to marry and have children instead of spending the rest of his life with a fake artificial intelligence doll.

An old Japanese man lost his wife at an early age and lived with his son. Since his partner has passed away, the old man bought an exquisite Japanese sex doll . It was difficult for his family to understand that the old man's children and grandsons thought it was a perverted thing, and even the old man eventually moved out of the house. The reason is that owning a sex doll is really not a glorious thing, and it can even be ashamed. In fact, this is cultural backwardness. Sex is a very important part of our lives. It can alleviate our sexual needs and desires and relieve our emotions. Almost everyone can have sex in time, but most people regard sex as a very abnormal thing, even though many people enjoy it very much. Otherwise, so many rape crimes in the world would not exist. Almost everyone ignores that sex is a very normal thing, just like we dress and eat. Just dressing and eating is something to do in public, sex is a personal thing. Our respect for the privacy of others does not mean that we are qualified to judge whether the privacy of others is right or wrong. Or directly judge the privacy of others cruelly and ruthlessly. This is simply a distortion of morality and ideals. We don't have to be so mean to treat others' preferences.

 sick psychology

Treat dolls as adults

Because the client treats the doll as an adult, and devotes the same amount of love as love to love it, this dead object is like the incarnation of perfect love. Although we all desire love, most people fail to accept this kind of love that is completely divorced from reality. But some people are more sensitive. Not only can they accept it, but they have fallen in love with their sex doll. Even like the male lead in a movie.

Russ is a man of simple character and few words. The overly introverted personality makes Lars hardly any friends. He usually only interacts with his family. No one has visited him in the past few years. In fact, in his heart, Lars is also eager to communicate with others, but the years of loneliness have made him forget how to communicate with others, and the people around him have slowly become accustomed to his silence. But suddenly one day Lars ran to his brother Gus's house and said that a girl named Bianca, whom he met on the Internet, had come to visit him at home. The Gus and Mrs. Gus, who were surprised and delighted, went to the house with Lars for a party, but when they entered the door they saw something that left them for a while. The so-called visiting netizen was originally a life-size order from the Internet. Inflatable doll. But Lars talked to her and told jokes, as if this inflatable doll was really a real Bianca. Gus immediately consulted the family doctor Dagma about his younger brother's condition after leaving the house.

Is owning a sex doll a sick psychology?

Dagma thought it was an illusion created subjectively by Lass after hearing it. The reason for the illusion has yet to be investigated, but in order to prevent the situation from getting worse, everyone has to follow his brother's will and do the fake. So, in order to save Ras, the people around him began to actively cooperate with the doctor's instructions and embarked on an alternative spiritual journey with Ras and Bianca. Finally Lars returned to what he called normal, but this meant that he no longer felt safe and he began to face the entire human world. When he saw Bianca, there was only Bianca in his world, and he didn't need to face too many people. But now everything has reversed, and he has begun to become a social person. Is this a change from normal to abnormal, or a change from abnormal to normal? This is really a problem, just like a problem in psychology, that is, is mental illness normal or abnormal? Are normal people in our so-called society normal? Where are the limits of mental normal?

Satisfy self-control desire

It's because of the completely controlled behavior. Although it can't do anything, its advantage is that you can completely control it. The complexity of human relationships lies in their uncontrollability. Because we cannot control the thoughts and actions of others, everyone should have the experience of getting along with others and getting hurt. Interacting with it will not be hurt, even if the feeling of falling in love with it is illusory, in fact, it does not love you, but it also satisfies the desire to control deep in the heart.

The desire to control is actually a human instinct, or even an animal instinct. It's like a dog peeing to make a mark, indicating that this is his belonging. All people have the desire to control, they are afraid of the development of things beyond their expectations, afraid of all unknown attributes and the future. It's just that everyone's desire for control is different. For example, there are many people with strong desire for control in sm. They hope that their spouse can completely obey him, and the spouse is a loyal dog. But in reality it is always difficult to find this person who is willing to cooperate with your desire for control. But the sex doll can, you created her life, she completely obeyed you, so your inner desire for control is also very well satisfied.

Is owning a sex doll a sick psychology?

But can you really solve real problems by throwing yourself into the illusion to avoid harm? The reality is so cruel, and getting along with people in reality will hurt you. Controlling people with strong desires is also one of the distinguishing characteristics of psychopaths, so it can't be said that they are ill.

Owning a sex doll is definitely not a perverted thing, we don't need to be ashamed, this is a normal psychological desire of people. To have sex with a real woman, you also need to buy gifts for her to meet her various requirements. But sex dolls won't. You only need to buy a cheap sex doll  in the early stage, and you don't need to invest too much in the later stage. You can also choose to customize your sex doll freely. Do you think having sex dolls is a pathological behavior? What's the reason? Welcome to discuss with us at the bottom of the comment area, and we look forward to your communication with you.

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