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I want to bathe the sex doll, what should I do?

November 13, 2020

Everyone knows that sex dolls are very delicate. The doll should be treated with caution. If you don’t know the material of the doll, please don’t take a small bath. This can easily damage the doll.

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Bathe the sex doll alone.

surface temperature. Of course, these works, especially TPE love dolls, are very sensitive to temperature. Therefore, be sure to check the water temperature before immersing the doll in the bathtub. Also, be careful when choosing the soap to be used in the bathtub. If you don't know, the chemicals in the soap may harm or damage your doll, especially its skin color. Usually, damage or dents are irreversible, which means it will always be there. Therefore, please go online for a quick research before bathing your doll.

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After bathing the sex doll, please check every part of the doll for leaks. If she has an open injury, please do not take her into the bathtub. It will only contaminate its internal skeleton and make it rusty. If your doll has a standing foot function, it is best to keep it away from any water source, as its screws may catch fire or rust the internal bones.

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For everyone who has a TPE sex doll, the friendly advice is that the safest way to bathe with a TPE sex doll is to put her in a transparent plastic bag from head to toe. This way, she can prevent her from getting wet in the shower. Then, remove the plastic and check again.

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 Take a bath with the doll

When it comes to bathing or bathing with sex dolls, the main question is whether your doll is made of TPE or silicone. There is a big difference between these two materials.

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Whether it is TPE sex doll or silicone sex doll, the doll should be cleaned immediately after use. She can take a hot bath with you or take a bath with you, but we recommend not to immerse her head and hair in water. When you clean the doll's head, if it is a split type, you can take it off directly, if it is an integrated type, you can wrap it in a plastic bag so that it will not get water.

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If you plan to take a steaming bath with a sex doll, you need to buy a silicone. Dolls made of this material are more resistant to hot water and sterilization. Silicone dolls are much more expensive, but it may be worth every penny.
Taking a hot bath with a TPE sex doll may seriously damage the porous structure of the doll. Don't be shocked if you see Aiwa loses its appeal after taking a shower. The material may become very sticky or even melt! Remember, TPE dolls can only be washed with warm or warm water!

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I think it is possible to bathe the doll, but there is no need to bathe with the doll. It will seriously damage the doll, affect the life of the doll or discard it. What do you think?

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