How to keep my sex doll's feet clean and intact |

How to keep my sex doll's feet clean and intact

August 18, 2020

Many doll lovers have such a question, that is, how to protect their doll's feet. This is especially true for some foot fetish customers. Since the feet of dolls are the most easily overlooked part, we often ignore the feet of sex dolls. When we finally notice the feet of sex dolls, we may find that the feet of sex dolls are already dirty. This is very distressing to the owner. Because when carrying sex dolls, we usually put the feet of the sex dolls on the ground. Dragging on the floor will not only make the feet of your beloved doll dirty, but more likely, your sex doll's feet will be covered. Scratched by some sharp tools.

These are hard to notice. You often pay attention to the upper body of your sex doll, such as your big boobs sex doll , but ignore the lower body. This is very regrettable, but we can repair this kind of damage, and after knowing some of the vulnerable weaknesses of sex dolls, we can properly prevent these behaviors. We spent a lot of money on sex dolls. It's a bit like taking care of art. A little hurt is very painful for us. Therefore, realdollshop makes every effort to solve the problem. Now we finally have a good solution. Share with you here. If you have such troubles, please continue reading.


Remove dirt marks on doll feet

In fact, this is a very normal thing, don't be alarmed. Most sex dolls are made of TPE or silicone. This kind of material is very easy to get dirty, not to mention the very fragile feet of sex dolls. The feet are often overlooked by us, so the maintenance of the feet is very important. Often these small details can show whether you care about your sex doll, and can also show your deep love. A master who loves his sex doll will definitely dress up his sex doll very beautifully. Whether it is a sexy mature sex doll or a Lolita sex doll , they can perfectly achieve different styles on your sex doll. We can't help but look forward to the beauty of our sex doll, but do you know how to keep your sex doll's feet clean?

If a lot of dust accumulates on your doll's skin, just use some olive oil to gently wipe the dirt on the doll's feet. Let the olive oil and skin contact for a while, and your sex doll will be able to look new. You can choose to buy a detergent specially used for cleaning sex dolls in the doll shop. If there is dirt and dust on the silica gel, use a small toothbrush with some toothpaste to clean it, if it is stuck with grease, use a toothbrush with some detergent to clean it. If there are strong sticky stains such as glue on the silicone item, use a cotton swab to stick a small amount of air oil to evenly apply to the stain, and then use a small toothbrush to clean it, so that the stubborn stain can be removed. Be careful, when you use a small toothbrush, be sure to gently and gently scrub the skin of your sex doll. If you use too much force, it may make your sex doll's situation worse.

How to keep my sex doll's feet clean and intact

Repair the wound on the doll's foot

When we accidentally and rudely treat your sex doll, we will feel very distressed, because this is a doll we cherish especially, and we don't want her to be harmed. But sometimes we accidentally touched some sharp objects with her feet, and the sex doll inevitably scratched her skin. If you want to send the sex doll to the manufacturer for repair, you must go through a series of transportation processes, which will greatly consume your precious time. If the size of the wound on the sex doll is not big, you can completely repair the cracks on the doll's feet.

There are glues specially used for wound repair of dolls, you can buy them directly if you need them. We need to prepare a series of things, that is, some toothpicks, glue, rags, etc. This is a very simple process. You only need to gently apply glue to the doll's feet. It is best to use toothpicks instead of too big tools. Because the tool is too big, it is not easy to find a balance point, it is easy to overuse, and finally cause the overflow of glue. Increased the difficulty of cleaning.

There are usually some small wounds on the feet of dolls. We need to pay attention to these small wounds or gaps. Our sex doll will accompany us for many years of being single, and we don't want her lifespan to be too short. Especially a very expensive sex doll, so we should always check the feet of the sex doll to see if there are some wounds on the doll's feet. These wounds must be repaired in time, otherwise these wounds will get bigger and bigger, and eventually it will be impossible to repair.

sex doll's feet

How to prevent sex doll feet' damage

In fact, the best way is to take some protective measures for your sex doll in advance, such as some foot covers specially used on the doll's feet, which can effectively prevent your sex doll's feet from being scratched or dirty. But such foot covers are not beautiful. You can change your sex doll with socks of different colors and styles, but these socks must not be too tight, otherwise it will deform your sex doll's feet. It is best to choose some very beautiful socks, and they are looser, and also convenient for you to wear and take off. Before putting on socks, use some talcum powder. These talcum powder can help you put on socks better, and it will be more convenient to take off socks.

In addition, when you move your sex doll, it is best not to drag your sex doll. Don't rub her feet on the ground, this is a great damage to her. This will not only cause the deformation of your sex doll's feet, it is more likely to directly damage the skin of the sex doll. The best way is to leave your feet off the ground. You can pick up your sex doll and don't let her feet directly touch the floor. If you master the correct method, the sex doll will not consume you too much effort.

sex doll's feet

Although it is difficult for us to pay attention to the feet of sex dolls, the feet of sex dolls are also a matter worthy of our attention, which will directly affect our visual perception. It is often said that women's hands and feet are equivalent to the second face, and we definitely want our full-size sex doll  to maintain a refined appearance at all times. Then she can put on nice high heels. If you have any questions about how to maintain your sex doll's footsteps, please contact us and we will provide you with the most sincere advice.

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