How to buy your favorite sex doll without making a mistake |

How to buy your favorite sex doll without making a mistake

August 08, 2020

There are so many different sex dolls, and there are many brands of sex dolls. Many people say that after buying sex dolls, they found that they cost a lot of money. The reason for saying this is not because of how expensive the doll is, but because there are too many pits in the doll community.

Almost all doll masters will spend thousands of yuan in tuition to sum up those sad experiences with blood and tears. When you buy a doll that satisfies you with both appearance and figure, congratulations, the later renewal mode has begun again. Buying new clothes, accessories, maintenance, and even our feelings for the doll, but the satisfaction and pleasure afterwards are also Irreplaceable. So how do novices choose their sex doll? Here is a brief introduction:

Our website has a complete range of sex dolls, and there are many rich and diverse sex doll brands and products.

Sex dolls and inflatable dolls

There are two types of dolls in the baby sex doll community, one is physical dolls and the other is inflatable dolls. Speaking of these two kinds of dolls, inflatable dolls, I think everyone has been like a lot of thoughts, especially in the 2007 "Inflatable Doll Love" directed by Craig Grisper, I saw a lot of people crying, in fact, I just want to say, The inflatable doll you think is not a real inflatable doll. The inflatable doll you think is very delicate, she has a delicate face, and her hair and eyebrows seem to be real. But in fact, inflatable dolls are not like this. Inflatable dolls are just a piece of plastic leather. You can fill the sex doll with gas and she will bulge.

But you don't expect your inflatable doll to be so real, the facial features of the inflatable doll are all painted. This is obviously different from sex dolls. The face of the sex doll is three-dimensional, almost imitating the human facial structure. For example, the eyeball of a sex doll has a separate mold that can be inserted into it, and the doll maker places the eyeball of the sex doll inside the eye socket. So it is very real, and the eyes of the physical doll will turn. But the facial features of the inflatable doll are painted manually, and the facial features of the person are painted on a piece of plastic cloth.

So don't believe the so-called pictures of inflatable dolls on the websites of many businesses, because almost 99% of the pictures of inflatable dolls are fake, and they are all actual dolls. If you don't want to have sex with a balloon, then please don't believe in so-called inflatable dolls and semi-silicone or so-called composite inflatable dolls, because while surprising you, it will definitely shock you. So when you are shopping for sex dolls, be sure not to choose sex dolls that are too cheap, such as sex dolls that cost tens of dollars or hundreds of dollars. Otherwise you will really feel deceived. The appearance of these inflatable dolls is definitely different from the picture, because they are really ugly and too fake!

How to buy your favorite sex doll without making a mistake

How to choose a physical doll brand

The sex doll community here will enter the big pit as soon as it gets out of the small pit. As soon as it jumps out of the trap of inflatable dolls, there will be many forks immediately. How to choose physical dolls? Are the physical dolls beautiful and graceful? NO! NO! NO! There is more to say here, a beauty camera can make fake photos proliferate, and of course it can also make ugly babies beautiful, and give you a big surprise when you get home. For example, I think this doll is stronger than me. In other words, the skin of this sex doll is actually different from the picture. Why are the seams on the doll's body so obvious? Why is the gap between the dolls so big? Recommend a few assured brands. The quality of these brands is guaranteed, and you don't need to worry too much about the unexpected situation that your sex doll is very different from the photo.


Gynoid sex doll

This shop was originally made as a doll, but when I was always asked if the doll could have sex, I simply made several dolls suitable for sex. As long as there is a Gynoid sex doll open-box live post on the forum, it must be popular. The biggest feature of the Gynoid sex doll is the ultimate control of details, whether it is a doll's hands, feet or subtle veins, to the point where you can't think of it without them. But the shortcomings are also obvious, the price is too expensive, the average price is about 5,000 US dollars, so many baby friends can only sigh. If you are a rich person and like the exquisite details, then Gynoid sex doll  is definitely your best partner.

How to buy your favorite sex doll without making a mistake


EX's reputation in the sex doll community is really good, because of his exquisite head sculpture and advanced concept. In general, the ex head sculpt is one of the best and most beautiful, especially the 145 Sakura and 145 Fluttershy head sculpts. The two cute school girls' head sculpts really make us as men want to stop and want to love. You pity. The biggest advantage of EX is: exquisite head carving, full body silicone, better design concept, more flexible body key.

Disadvantages: The average price is about 2,000 US dollars, which makes some people who want to buy sex dolls hesitant. Now the main body of the company is focusing on the opening of intelligent robots, so the physical doll department has received some neglect. If you are a face value control or a loli control, EX is your wisest choice. But if you like European and American bbw sex dolls with big ass, sex dolls with tan skin color, or exotic sex dolls, then you may not find your true love in ex doll. You can try it in JY, a sex doll brand.

How to buy your favorite sex doll without making a mistake

JY sex doll

As a doll brand that has just become popular in recent years, JY sex doll has always been known as "JY sex doll dairy" in the sex doll community. The dolls are mainly sexy, with big breasts, thin waists, long legs, and fullness. There are also special people like fat women and pregnant sex dolls  Prepare for taste. In the sex doll community, word of mouth is mixed. Many people accuse JY sex doll of too big breasts, too thin waist, imbalance of chopsticks and legs, etc. Personally think that the doll is best for you if you want to use it cool. Because the sex doll is a collection of all the advantages of women, the biggest advantage of JY sex doll: cool play, thin waist, big chest, long legs.

It will definitely immerse you in the beautiful soft body of the sex doll. In addition, the biggest advantage is the price advantage. The average price is about US$1,000. It is made of tpe material and has a softer body. It is the best choice for sex dolls. Disadvantages: The skeleton is slightly harder, and the details of the hands and feet are slightly poor. If you are a novice and want to know about the doll community, if you are just to live a sex life with your doll, if your budget is limited, then I suggest you choose JY sex doll, come and join JY sex doll  in the community of big boobs sex dolls.

How to buy your favorite sex doll without making a mistake

The above brands are trustworthy brands, so you must choose the right sex doll manufacturer to buy sex dolls, and choose your favorite sex doll. You can also customize it freely, no matter what your needs are, we will try our best to meet your needs. You can also choose to buy directly on our website. Our website has a complete range of sex dolls, and there are many rich and diverse sex doll brands and products. We also provide comprehensive refund and return services, allowing you to be in the entire purchase process Very pleasant and at ease. Come and customize your sex doll!

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