Gay men and sex dolls |

Gay men and sex dolls

September 26, 2020

Gay men know that they are attracted to the same sex in their consciousness, and the process from recognizing their same-sex sexual orientation to acceptance and identification is the process of gay men's identification and establishment of their own identity. This kind of relationship is not recognized by the elders and is considered to conflict with mainstream values. In society, homosexuality may be affected by social and public pressure, which creates a major obstacle for homosexuals to identify themselves. Therefore, many homosexuals choose to buy a male sex doll by themselves to satisfy the love and physical satisfaction they cannot get in society. In fact, this is also a good choice, which can realize one's freedom from certain aspects and satisfy one's own needs, whether it is from the physical or psychological aspects. Gay men and sex dolls can also have very romantic stories, and they can also have very romantic lives. If you are interested, let's take a look at this story.

Gay men

This gay man is a 25-year-old guy who has just stepped into social work. He is very cute, although a little chubby, but his every move is a very warm man, and is also a type that many girls like. But he was influenced by his parents since he was a child, and he realized that he was tempted by a certain boy when he was in elementary school. Because the education he had been in contact with since childhood made him think that his mentality was abnormal, so he had never mentioned it to anyone. He just silently guarded the boy's side, playing with him, doing homework together, and going home from school together. But facing graduation, he had to separate from him. This made him feel particularly disappointed. Although they are not a couple, he still finds it difficult to accept separation. From then on, he tried hard to keep himself indifferent to anyone, because this feeling of separation made him feel uncomfortable. So he kept this original intention until he was 20 years old. When he was asked about the relationship between men and women, he always went around on other topics. That year, he also accidentally heard of a silicone sex doll, a kind of artificial sex doll.

Decided to customize sex doll

The custom sex doll was decided after the comrade did a lot of homework. He hand-painted the artwork himself, and then asked a professional to help him restore his ideal lover. However, because the selected custom-made products were not professional enough, many details were not handled properly. Facing a dummy who was completely different from what he expected, he was still very disappointed. Later, by chance, he saw a male love doll that looked almost the same as he expected, and decisively bought it home. From the day he got it, he didn't want to be separated from it. He rented a bachelor apartment, found a job that could work from home, and stayed with this full-size sex doll every day. Eating together, watching TV and watching movies together, working together, sleeping together, this is their daily routine. He said that he loves this male doll just like other men love mature sex dolls, full of love and dependence. This male love doll is now his lover and his family. He said: It gave me the courage to love again, because as long as I protect it, it will always be by my side. I no longer have to suffer the pain of separation.


We should not look at homosexuals with colored eyes. They are also ordinary people and have the right to love others. We should not limit who a person should love. This is everyone's freedom. Whether it is gay or lesbian, when faced with too many questions and disputes, a complete life-size sex doll is the best short-term haven. A real sex doll can accompany a person through the low tide period, and accompany a person through all happy or unhappy things. And being able to stay with your favorite sex doll is also a very healing thing. If when you are not understood, you can choose to be brave and continue to love, if you do not have the courage, then secretly fall in love with the sex doll. Nothing in the world can change you. You must be a person with your own thoughts and principles. A sex doll can really get you a lot, companionship, encouragement, and determination are its silent dedication. As the gay man said, as long as the doll is well protected and taken care of, it will always be by his side. So if you want a sex doll, please communicate with us, we will give you the best service and best products.


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