From sex to sex doll, it is a business of desire |

From sex to sex doll, it is a business of desire

August 06, 2020

In recent years, the first silicone doll experience hall in China reflects the sex and love of modern people. The "Ai Ai Land" doll experience hall that appeared near Foxconn. It was the first sex doll to appear in China, and it has attracted online attention ever since. According to network data, since its opening in September 2018, there have been thousands of "experienced" customers. As the first person, the store manager Li Bo seems to have opened up another market. Marketing solves the specific needs of a certain group of people. It is undeniable that the silicone doll experience has caused considerable controversy, but there is still a strong demand. Immediately afterwards, the hot business of the sex doll experience hall has made many market people look for investment opportunities, and more and more areas have also appeared in the silicone doll "adult experience hall", and its business model is called "shared silicone doll" or " Use robots to provide customers with a paid sexual experience."

However, in the face of market controversy, it is not difficult to see that people's needs and the anxiety caused by intelligence are contradictions in technological development. In this society, there will still be many controversial voices, especially in the face of such things that make people very concerned, facing the emergence of best sex dolls or sex robot experience centers. Perhaps people should think more from all aspects, instead of making vague comments.

From sex to sex doll, it is a business of desire

The poor need it but cannot afford it

Most adult products are produced in China, and silicone sex dolls are no exception. Silicone dolls are also called real dolls and sex dolls. They are life-size sex dolls and adult toys. Previously,everyone heard more about inflatable dolls in movies and reports. With technological revolution, material evolution, as well as people's demand for simulated human toys, it may require more sexual fantasies, such as visual and tactile stimulation, and psychological satisfaction, so the current silicone dolls have appeared. For example, according to the response of big data, there are about 250 million migrant workers in China, and many types of agricultural workers are split between husband and wife. According to various calculations, there will be about 100 million people scattered all over the world. Sex is the most basic physiological need of human beings. Most of the farmers work hard for a year, but they are not rich. Some of them are unable to bring their spouse around, nor can they satisfy their sexual desires through other means. Therefore, the silicone doll experience hall may become a short-term auxiliary method for the group of migrant workers who enter the city, do not have a spouse, or live apart for a long time with their spouses in dealing with interpersonal relationships.

According to market information, all silicone dolls are made of silicone except for the bones, which is a full body silicone dolls,but the price is relatively high. Even domestic all-silicone dolls are more than 20,000 yuan. There is also a TPE sex doll, although the price is not as high as silicone sex dolls, but it is not cheap. So the situation reflected by this market phenomenon is:The rich can afford it, but they don’t need it; the poor need it, but they can’t afford it.

From sex to sex doll, it is a business of desire

Sex in the intelligent age

The huge demand group has allowed the silicone doll experience to see a huge market. Under the legal and certain degree of avoiding social conflicts, the favorable factors,Why is there such a huge controversy in the silicone doll experience store? In fact, behind the controversy is the development of the anxiety of modern people's daily life.

What users want is a full-size sex doll. From a long-term perspective, physical dolls will appear today, and the licensing dispute is that people's demand for this aspect increases. From the very beginning of inflatable dolls to the present young sex doll, this is not only because of technological progress. Make human size sex doll more and more realistic, even reflecting the details of the pores on the doll's face. The virtual network is the foundation laid by our intelligent age, and the development of curvy sex doll cannot stop on the basis of gender. And under the forwarding of various media, we will find that in the hidden information of this era, our energy is largely consumed by the virtual space of the network. But we will face it in the most enthusiastic way when a new information appears, whether it's just a comment or a dispute. Facing the vision of the future robot doll presented to the public by the media and the blueprint of constructing a master-slave relationship for the public, what kind of mentality will the public face? To a large extent, we respond with ambivalence. Because on the basis of silicone dolls, the future male and female robots have slowly entered the field of our private life.

From sex to sex dolls, sex dolls can be a tool for sex or love. Sex and sex dolls complement each other. Man’s love for woman’s breasts is also formed from the degree of attachment to breast milk during infancy, so now many men like big breast sex dolls.There will also be some people who lack love for humans because of lack of care, but they will pin their emotions on real dolls that are not living things. Therefore, sex dolls are more and more accepted in this era. It is an inaccessible desire business in modern society.

From sex to sex doll, it is a business of desire

It is precisely because of the ubiquity of sexual depression that today's dolls will meet various needs. Whether it is the satisfaction of ordinary sexual needs or individual needs, dolls can provide the best help. The desire business of top sex dolls experience is a huge business opportunity in the market. With the help of science and technology, it may achieve rapid development. From the current situation and prospects, it is still optimistic and predictable.

No matter how the times develop, sexual desire will not be concealed. The market of desire is the product of the development of the great era. The development of dolls cannot be without the love of customers, and of course the research and development and promotion of various doll brands is also indispensable. If you want to know about high-quality sex dolls, our first recommendation is JY DOLLS in our mall.

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