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Exploring the smart sex doll factory

August 08, 2020

As the market for sex dolls is getting bigger and bigger, the functions of sex dolls are becoming more and more complete, and there are many sex dolls with different functions. Sex dolls began as "Dutch Wives", and sex dolls made of clothes and fabrics developed into inflatable dolls made of plastic. Now there are sex dolls made of tpe material or silicone material. In the future, one step further, people hope that there will be an artificial intelligence sex doll that can communicate with humans, and future sex dolls can even have human thoughts and feelings.

Customize your sex doll ? Eighteen different personality settings? Can you recite poems casually? This doll, called Harmony, is equipped with custom-made nipples and adjustable smart levels. If you turn it up, she will recite poems to you, and if you turn it down, you will become a fool. The asking price is 15,000 pounds. Smart sex doll is simply amazing, if you want to know how this kind of sex doll is made, please read on!


Exploring the smart sex doll factory

Exploring the doll factory

If the doll on the ground floor is a sex doll of the girl next door, then the more you go underground, it will be the sex doll of the uncle next door, so realistic that the neighbor can't help but rush to the police, thinking he has something imprisoned in the basement. Female victims. Although it’s scary just watching the "Sex Robots Resurrection" clip, it is really scary to come to the scene. On my left, there are a group of headless and poreless F-shaped dolls hanging from the ceiling rails. On the right, a group of dolls are lying on their backs in piles, with their legs wide open, waiting to be filled with molten silicone to insert their sexual organs. Or they call it sleeves.

That's how we got in. Daivin said lightly, and took out a dark pink tube from the pile of female sex organs on the table. You can also customize the color and shape. It was then that I suddenly understood that women will be easily replaced in the near future. This is the material we use to make the mouth. Daivin continued, pointing to a pile of things that looked like chewing gum. It must be very soft. We don't want buyers to get hurt.

Although the current market share of male real dolls is only 20%, and the director of the customer service center Annette also claimed that this number is still rising, I only saw a fake male doll leaning against the wall, looking down at his empty crotch. He hasn't been inserted yet. she says. And it can be a traditional male sex organ or a trans sex organ. The latter is relatively cheap. To my surprise, the buyers of these boys are heterosexual women of all ages, not gay men.

Once these male and female dolls are taken out of the model, they will be hung for 48 hours until they are air-dried, and then they will be caught and bathed like newborn babies to remove excess small residue. The part between the fingers and toes must be trimmed manually by the staff, and the custom pubic hair is also manually implanted one by one. Daivin said: Most people like strips of pubic hair, but the original, uncut, is making a comeback. If you look closely, you will see that we even make a little shave around. She marveled at the fineness of the pubic hair, but I frequently apologized to a headless doll accidentally hitting it.


Exploring the smart sex doll factory

Various customized orders

Although the doll I hit was hung in the air, it was extremely bulky. At this moment, I remembered one of the interviewees in the documentary, the 58-year-old engineer James, who owned three real dolls, was panting and dragging a weight of 38 kg. A silicone doll named April went to the river for a romantic Sunday stroll.

Silicone is much heavier than skin. Daivin explained: I have a customer who also bought two dolls, just to solve the weight problem, one placed upstairs and one downstairs. If you want a lighter and cheaper version, she said and walked me to a doll's torso without limbs. We also have luxurious torso sex dolls . Of course! I nodded, jokes like why women should have legs popped up on the seashore of my head. This can be used as a party toy, but most people still use it to satisfy sex, she said for granted: either the front or the back can be used.

The last one to visit was the production of head, hair and nipples. We saw Bob the molder and the carver in his spare time. He is earnestly trimming a pair of perfect breasts, and his concentration is no less than any master of art. This art also changes the lives of many customers who have had their breasts removed but are reluctant to undergo reconstructive surgery, because Abyss also makes human prostheses. This job does not make me look at "real people" differently. Bob said, I pretended not to see the two male organs standing beside Bob. The real human body is not equivalent to these parts, and vice versa. But being able to put aside all the taboos and make the most realistic body possible is the purpose of this job.

Exploring the smart sex doll factory

In addition to the supermodel figure and the perfect No. 10 standards, people are pursuing reality. Annete said that is why they often receive very strange custom orders. Some people send photos of their deceased partner or ex-wife. Someone sent us a photo of his wife when he was young and asked us to order it. Real dolls are very popular among widows and widows. Thinking that they want to rediscover the love they had when they first met, it was actually quite sweet. she says.

Customers usually insist on such details as eyebrows. I have received some photos of the eyebrows of actress Emilia Clarke. Annette told me that some requests even scared her. There was a female client who married her own real doll. But no matter how many people request to order celebrity dolls, Abyss will not agree, because this will involve judicial issues.


The creator behind the scenes shows up

When we came to the nipple chart area, McMullen appeared, and only he could show me Harmony in the cabinet upstairs. The style of the whole "Sex Robots Resurrection" is quite serious, but the CEO with earrings looks quite confident in the movie, but in fact, the young father already has five children, and he behaves quite solemnly and also Good at marketing and defending his own work.

McMullen, like the other face molders in the company, comes from an artistic background. He once helped a Halloween mask company to make faces. In the mid-1990s, he opened a company in his garage, specializing in perfect human models for high-end boutique clothing display. McMullen was criticized by feminists for making fake dolls. She interviewed Dr. Kathleen Richardson, the top British ethicist. She believed that men like him were totally encouraging the objectification of women, so she established The Anti-Sex Robots League resisted. But Realbotix will not contribute to this trend, McMullen insists.

There are more female self-materialized dolls outside, far more than I made. He said as he led me across the room to Harmony. So when someone told me that I was teaching people to treat people as objects, I would say that, on the contrary, we are anthropomorphizing objects.

Exploring the smart sex doll factory

Smart robot sex doll  is bound to be a trend in society. Most sex dolls nowadays are relatively stiff, they do not make a sound, although they have a real appearance. But in essence, these sex dolls are very limited. We look forward to such a perfect sex doll appearing in our vision. But it still takes a long time to achieve a better achievement. If you feel lonely, it is better to try our sex doll. Although she is not very smart, she will also moan, and the internal heating of the body makes the skin temperature of the doll not much different from that of a real person. Welcome to buy the sex doll of your dreams.

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