Do you want to discard your sex doll before getting married |

Do you want to discard your sex doll before getting married

August 21, 2020

Many people have tried sex dolls and are deeply impressed by the authenticity of sex dolls. These sexy sex dolls have exquisite features and attractive figures. It brought comfort to many single men and allowed them to spend many lonely long nights. It can be said that one's own sex doll is a companion in life, and is no longer just a tool for venting desires. People all over the world are using sex dolls to satisfy their psychological and physical desires, and then also help to improve their sex lives. When these single men find a girlfriend and find a partner to spend their lives with, they usually face such a problem. It's how to deal with your beautiful sex doll and how to prevent your fiancee from knowing that you have a sex doll. This problem is believed to plague many people, because they usually move between girlfriends and sex dolls, and they don't know how to choose. Many men choose to give up their sex dolls in the end, afraid to let their fiancée know their preferences, and then discard or give away their sex dolls to others.

It's not easy to tell your fiancee exactly about silicone sex dolls , but when you know how to do it in the right way, communicating it to your partner will not There is a big problem. Therefore, here are some practical tips to help you introduce your partner to realdollshop sex dolls you already own or want to buy. This is not a difficult task. Maybe your fiancee is more accepting of this relationship than you. If you are curious about this topic, please keep reading, we will provide you with any information you want.

Do you want to discard your sex doll before getting married

operating a store

This is the best excuse. Because with the popularity of sex dolls, more and more people start to buy sex dolls and hope to have a sex doll. You can tell your fiancee that you plan to be involved in this trade and plan to develop a sex doll shop yourself. This is really a good excuse to hide your true intention of buying a sex doll. Tell her a relatively hypocritical reason. Of course, this excuse does not last long, probably only two or three years. After all, your shop has not been opened for two or three years. This will definitely make your fiancee suspicious.

So this period is actually a period of acceptance, and you start to face your sex doll correctly. Let your fiancee start accepting sex dolls, and show your fiancee more information about sex dolls. This is actually a very simple thing. When your fiancée understands this aspect, she will eliminate her prejudices and eliminate her own misunderstandings. In fact, everyone who knows sex dolls knows that sex dolls are not just a tool to relieve desire. It is a good medicine for people to get mental relief. So sex dolls are actually a good companion in our lives. When your fiancee knows this, she may not be so repulsive to sex dolls. It is even possible to take the initiative to dress up your sex doll, and you have achieved a peaceful coexistence. Time will solve all problems. Don't tell your fiancee about buying sex dolls at the beginning. Otherwise, it will definitely trigger her anger and anger towards you. Even the marriage between you is at stake. So give your fiancee more time to adjust. She will understand your intention to buy a sex doll.

Do you want to discard your sex doll before getting married

Prepare cosmetics and clothes for your fiancee

This is also very easy to understand, because girls like to play with Barbie very much when they are young. In fact, the same is true for sex dolls. These sex dolls have very good body parts and characteristics. Just like a large Barbie doll. Your fiancee will like her very much. You can buy a lot of clothes for your sex doll, and then your sex doll will not only be very cute, thinking that your fiancee will dress her carefully. Not only will your fiancee feel happy and experience the fun of dressing up sex dolls, but you can also make your sex dolls more refined.

There is also a good-looking cosmetics, women can not refuse the charm of cosmetics, these cosmetics are very exquisite, you can buy more cosmetics for your fiancée. Ask your fiancee to practice makeup on the sex dolls. These sex dolls will have a very delicate appearance, and you can also change different makeup according to your fiancee's mood. Your fiancee will certainly enjoy dressing up your beautiful sex doll.

Do you want to discard your sex doll before getting married

Plan a threesome

When you have a threesome, there are many things you can do. Well, you already know who is suitable for the third person, so it's easy. Introduce your sex doll to your fiancée. She may be unacceptable at first, but most of them are full of excitement and pleasure. These sex dolls have exquisite appearance and attractive body shapes. If you can, you can buy transgender sex dolls from the beginning , this is really a multi-tasking thing. Because transgender sex dolls are not only available to you, but also to your fiancee. This is tantamount to adding more interest to the sex between you. I believe your fiancee will not refuse, even she likes these sex dolls even more than you.

The transgender sex doll is very convenient, and her penis is detachable. When you don't need her penis, you can wash it and put it away. But if you and your fiancee use it, you install the penis of the sex doll. These configurations will add more novel experiences to the sex between you. Moreover, it is inevitable that two people will feel a little boring to have sex. We will think about some new ways to enhance the sexual experience. Try this transgender sex doll.

Do you want to discard your sex doll before getting married

The above is about how to tell your fiancé that you have a sex doll. This is not a difficult thing to accept, but we need more understanding. Moreover, in modern society, people's thinking and concepts will be more open, and they will understand many aspects. So we don't have to feel overly concerned, after all, it is a very regrettable thing to lose such a cute sex doll. You also don't want your sex doll to be thrown into the trash can, after all, she is still so cute and beautiful. You and your fiancée need more communication and exchanges, let her know your true thoughts, so that the relationship between you will last. If you don't have a sex doll yet, just buy a cheap sex doll  and try it!

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