Do you know the type of sex doll |

Do you know the type of sex doll

October 29, 2020

Many people only know about sex dolls, but they often don't know the types of sex dolls. Whether it’s a silicone sex doll or a TPE sex doll. These dolls can be divided into anime sex dolls, elf sex dolls, Lolita sex dolls, celebrity sex dolls and robot sex dolls. These sex dolls, just like their names, have their own unique appearance and their own charm. Anime sex doll, it is like a lively anime cartoon character standing in front of you. The fairy sex doll is like a beauty from the forest or the sea, filling your life with different feelings. Lolita sex doll is like a cute loli girl, soft and cute, making people feel excited. Celebrity sex doll, just like his name, is a sex doll made by imitating the figure or appearance of a celebrity. There is also a robot sex doll, which is a more advanced and exciting sex doll, because it will simply communicate with you, and it will also make an exciting gasping sound during the sex process, making you unable to bathe. Today, let us explain these different styles of sex dolls.

Do you know the type of sex doll

Anime sex doll

The anime sex doll is a kind of sex tool that makes otaku love too much. It has a skin touch that is no different from that of a real person, and it has a particularly good body that makes people nosebleed. Generally, anime sex dolls are dressed in clothes with distinctive personal roles, with a pair of white and huge breasts inside the clothes. Its appearance and touch can make an old boyfriend have a physiological reaction immediately and even make him shoot in seconds. It is a sex doll with special charm. It can be a relatively tall normal sex doll or a mini sex doll. Its existence has solved the physical needs of a lot of otaku. In the world of otaku, he will become extremely happy with a complete anime sex doll. Of course, there are also many anime lovers who choose to customize or buy anime sex dolls for collection.

Do you know the type of sex doll

Elf sex doll

We also introduced a lot of fairy sex dolls. They are a kind of sex dolls that are similar to real people and are more distinctive. They have long and pointed ears, which add some different aesthetics to people's vision. Most of their bodies are relatively thin, but their breasts and buttocks will not become smaller as a result. When designing, it will still be designed according to people's needs, so that it can be accepted and loved by most people. Having sex with it, many people will attach another identity to themselves, making themselves feel different from others, and seem to be doing a great thing. In addition, every elves will have their own story, so do elves sex dolls, they are not just pure elves sex dolls. Not only are they similar in appearance, the stories and experiences behind them all have a certain origin. So, if you like a certain or certain elves with ethnic stories, you can also satisfy your curiosity by looking for this kind of real sex doll.


Celebrity sex doll

Celebrity sex doll is a kind of high simulation human sex doll that is imitated based on celebrities or famous people. Although it is not a very unique appearance, its imitation will catch people's attention. Because all the characteristics and advantages of this celebrity will be reflected. Exquisite facial features, slim figure, as long as you want, it will be reflected for you. If you need your idol to provide you with support and encouragement, even if you can’t get close to your idol, as long as you own a celebrity sex doll, you feel like you have the world. It can meet your inner needs, let your value be reflected, and it can also meet your physical needs. It's really a good item with the best of both worlds.

Do you know the type of sex doll

Having said that, you will definitely want to know the characteristics of other sex dolls. Then let's talk about Lolita sex dolls. A kind of sex doll with a particularly cute style. It will make people feel a lot of love and affection. Although it does not look as mature and beautiful as other sex dolls, its unique charm will make you have different feelings for it. In addition to sex-related, more people may have a manifestation of "motherhood". Treat it like your own daughter, take care of it. This is how it feels different. In fact, different sex dolls will bring different feelings to different people. If you are interested, then you continue to follow our blog posts. We will update at different times. If you have a certain interest in sex dolls, you can learn more about sex dolls through our official website, so as to facilitate future purchase or maintenance of sex dolls. If you need to purchase, please choose the most suitable full-size sex doll for you through our customer service introduction.

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