Do you know that physical dolls can be dyed? |

Do you know that physical dolls can be dyed?

August 04, 2020

Dyeing is also called coloring. Under normal circumstances, professional interpretation refers to the use of chemical or other methods to affect the substance itself to make it color. Professional dyeing, if the technology allows, through dyeing can make the object show the various colors that people need, and use colorful to decorate life. But the dyeing that appears in life is not paying attention to the method of use, it is dyed carelessly or inadvertently. Just as white clothes and dark clothes are put in the washing machine together,in the washing process, the color of dark clothes will be dyed with the fluidity of water and the adsorption of white clothes. The same is true for sex doll to be dyed, because if one does not pay attention and puts a wig on real love doll, the head circumference of the doll may be colored. So, if you have real life sex doll, but don't pay attention to its maintenance, then your doll may have been invaded by color.

Do you know that physical dolls can be dyed?

The principle of sex dolls being dyed

High-quality real sex dolls are made of advanced materials, generally made of silicone or TPE. But once these two materials are close to colored things, they are easily dyed, and then the color will penetrate into the body of the real doll. Whether it is a real doll made of silicone or a doll made of TPE, they will use pigments and color pastes to modulate their corresponding skin color during the production process. High-quality real love dolls will not use the surface of the product to paint.

If the overall body shape of a silicone doll is shaped, a certain part of their body needs to be colored.At this time, such a method will be used, which is to use professional silicone ink for coloring, and brushing can be used. This kind of ink has relatively high quality requirements and requires high temperature heating to keep the color longer. Silica gel is a highly active adsorption material, which is an amorphous substance. So although silicone sex dolls are more expensive than TPE dolls, they will also be dyed, but the intensity of dyeing is less than TPE sex dolls.

If a real sex love doll is made of TPE material,TPE is a kind of thermoplastic elastomer material, with high strength, high resilience, injection molding processing characteristics, a wide range of applications, environmental protection, non-toxic and safe, and excellent coloring. The reason why the sex doll is soft is because it is oily, and because it is oily, once it is dyed, the color will penetrate into the solid doll.

Do you know that physical dolls can be dyed?

The possibility of the sex doll being dyed

  1. Wear leggings for the doll. Some friends who have dolls wear black leggings to makethe dolls look more elegant. However, if the doll wears for a long time, she does not take off her leggings. The doll's leggings may be dyed black. This will impair the overall beauty of the doll because of its temporary elegance.
  2. Wear black stockings or other colored stockings and socks for the doll. As mentioned in the previous point, in order to make the overall match of the doll look more coordinated, the doll friend changed the doll with colored stockings and socks, which will also make the color slowly penetrate into the skin of the doll.
  3. Change the wig to young sex doll. The purchase of wigs needs to choose high-quality ones that will not fade. In addition to the color of the doll's wig itself, the hair itself may fade. The band of the headgear of the doll's wig is black. This black band will also stain the doll's head. But this little detail is ignored by many friends who have dolls. So here to remind the doll friends that you need to stick a layer of transparent tape on the fixing belt or use other things to help seal the black fixing belt so that it does not directly touch the real doll's wig skin.
  4. Place the doll. Part of the doll clubs placed the lolita sex doll in a special room, and arranged a cozy hut for the dolls, which was full of colorful and cute dolls. But these are the places that the doll friends ignore. Although these are not directly worn by the doll, they are also things that are in close contact with the doll. If the doll is placed in the middle of a pile of rag dolls, the best love doll will be contaminated by the color of the rag doll, so even if it is not particularly intimate contact, the doll cannot be fixed in one place for a long time. Most of the doll friends will put the doll next to the bed and lean against the bed, so you should pay attention to the quality of the bed sheet to prevent the bed sheet from fading and let the real doll get dyed.
  5. Real sex doll's nails. Some senior friends who own dolls. The color of the sex doll's nails will be changed regularly. They will do it by themselves, but the skin near the doll's nails will be stained by accident, so it is recommended to use nail patches, which is convenient and fast.
  6. In addition to these,best sex dollsshould not be exposed to the sun, otherwise the skin color of the doll may be uneven due to the sun exposure, just like us humans, the long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays will be tanned.

Do you know that physical dolls can be dyed?

What should I do if the sex doll is dyed?

The best way is to wash it with soap in time, but sometimes even if the skin is broken, it can only wash off the surface layer of color and it cannot be completely washed off. If you can't clean it with soap, you can also try the oil-water separation cleansing oil, olive oil, or pigment thinner that girls use when removing makeup. If it doesn't work, you can use a special color removing cream.

Do you know that physical dolls can be dyed?

Even if the high quality sex dolls is easily dyed because of something colored, this is also one of the characteristics of real dolls. Because the real dolls are made according to the proportions and touch of human beings, the materials are used according to the proportion to produce the most comfortable and most human-like touch. So don't think it is too troublesome for dolls to dye, because our human skin will also be dyed when touched with colored things. If you want to have your own doll, please come to our store to buy it. We can provide full size sex doll or customize your own dolls for you.for you.

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