Can you enjoy orgasm with a real doll? |

Can you enjoy orgasm with a real doll?

August 29, 2020

Speaking of orgasm, many people think of their first orgasm. Because when people experience an orgasm for the first time, they think it is a wonderful thing. Those who have not experienced it will look up the information on the Internet and use the methods introduced on the Internet to practice on their own to see if the effect can really be achieved. Orgasm can be achieved in many ways, but not every single life will reach orgasm. Especially everyone's physique is different, and they feel different when making love. The feelings between men and women are also different. In the process of one-time love, men will only reach a one-time orgasm, while women sometimes have more than one orgasms, which also makes a difference. Some people use masturbation to solve their sexual needs every time because they do not have a partner, which makes them feel boring. Therefore, when staying at home for a long time, real sex dolls are the best choice for people to experience orgasm. This is not only because a sex doll is a masturbation tool, but after a long time with it, people will have a little emotion towards it. This emotion makes people better let go of their nature during sex, reduce the feeling of shyness. But when having sex with a sex doll, can orgasm really happen?

Can you enjoy orgasm with a real doll?


For men, the performance of orgasm is the ejaculation of semen, which is very short, only about 3-10 seconds. The end of ejaculation also means the end of orgasm. However, after having sex many times a day, there is pleasure but no ejaculation in the end, which is caused by muscle contraction. Interpreted from different perspectives of physiology and psychology, physiologically, before the male ejaculates the semen, when the penis is rubbed, due to the stimulation of the prostate, the male G-spot is stimulated and the anus is contracted. When the semen is ejaculated, because the male is released, the anus gradually relaxes and the pleasure disappears. Psychologically, men will be proud of their own ejaculation, because this is the proof of their men, and when the semen is ejaculated in a female, they will have a sense of accomplishment in their hearts, which makes their orgasm more experience .

Just like when men use mature sex dolls for sex, they can use only lubricants instead of condoms to do so, reducing the bondage of the penis, which makes them have a stronger sense of experience. With the current evolution of female sex dolls, the vagina of sex dolls is a highly simulated tool. And with the advancement of technology, the vagina of many dolls can also be designed with temperature. When sex is being performed, the temperature of the doll's vagina will be similar to the real female vagina temperature. This also provides more convenience for men, and will not make the penis unable to erect because of the coldness of the vagina. At this time, when a man has a vigorous sexual intercourse with a curvy doll in a good environment, the male's glans will ejaculate semen under constant stimulation, and then experience the pleasure of orgasm.

Can you enjoy orgasm with a real doll?


Female orgasm is manifested as the clitoral swelling and prominent, beating with the orgasm. At this time, about 25% of women will have a large amount of secretions gushing out of the vagina, and women will also groan inadvertently because of pleasure. After the orgasm, women often do not fade as quickly as man’s pleasure, but there will be an aftertaste, and there will be a short-term feeling of soft legs. Female orgasm is divided into two types, one is clitoral orgasm and the other is vaginal orgasm. Clitoris orgasm is a kind of irritating electric shock. Relatively speaking, clitoral orgasm is easier to produce. Vaginal orgasm is deep and comfortable. To achieve vaginal orgasm, clitoral stimulation is very important. When a woman uses a male sex doll, she can first stimulate her clitoris by using an electric stick, and then use the male sex doll for the next step of sexual intercourse, which may bring a better experience to one-time sex. When women have sex with sex dolls, they can change different postures to stimulate their vagina, find the orgasm points in their vagina, and through constant friction and stimulation, they can have vaginal orgasms as much as possible. When you can perfectly cooperate with your male sex doll, you can be more aware of your needs. Even words that are embarrassing to express when having sex with a real person can be satisfied without expressing on a male sex doll. When reaching a vaginal orgasm, people tend to have a different feeling.

Can you enjoy orgasm with a real doll?

Using sex dolls, you can better control and stimulate your climax points. Full-size sex dolls will allow people to better express and show themselves during sex, and can highly complete the whole process of sex. Do the right things at the right time to make the sexual intercourse process complete and perfect. The sex doll is really the best product related to sex in this era. If you want to achieve orgasm by yourself at home, a life-size sex doll is your best choice. If you want to have a best sex doll, please contact us, we will provide you with shopping service and customized service.

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