Can sex dolls have anal sex? |

Can sex dolls have anal sex?

September 09, 2020

Anal sex, sexual life through the anus. A behavior in which a man inserts his erect penis into the anus of his sexual partner during intercourse. Or generally refers to sexual behavior involving the anus, such as using a fake penis, fingers or other objects to penetrate the anus. This kind of sexual behavior is popularized in pornographic products, causing many heterosexuals to engage in anal sex more commonly than ever before. Men will gain more possession of the other half through this behavior, which will also give men more experience. Every man who has his own mature sex doll will wonder if he can use anal sex during intercourse with him. Will this cause harm to your reproductive organs? Will it bring harm to your body, or will it harm the sex doll? Question after question, today we will answer all the doubts about anal sex with a real sex doll.

Sex doll anal

The anus of the best sex doll is made according to the size ratio of the real anus. The material used is high-grade silica gel or imitated silica gel, which allows men to have a very comfortable penis friction during the experience. Men can get more sense of dominance during anal sex with full-size sex dolls. Compared with a real person’s anus, a real person’s anus is more likely to tear during anal sex. Because the anal wall of a real anus is relatively elastic and relatively fragile. The realistic sex doll, its anus is more flexible than the real anus to a certain extent, can perform more sexual intercourse, in a short time will not cause the anus to loosen because of the frequent use. Anal sex with real sex dolls through different positions is a particularly challenging thing. It allows men to have more opportunities to explore during sex. Strong curiosity will make men more erotic and more excited. Therefore, anal sex with a big ass sex doll is a more experiential thing.

Can sex dolls have anal sex?

Health aspect

With the increasing popularity of anal sex now, many sexual diseases have also broken out. Because the condom can only prevent sperm, so that the sperm does not enter the body through the condom. But in principle, condoms cannot separate the virus from entering the body. Because the natural cracks in condoms are between 5000 and 7000, and the volume of various viruses is much smaller than the natural cracks of natural latex. Even if condoms are used correctly, the virus may still enter the body. So if you use a curvy sex doll, after the disinfection process, you can enjoy its body exclusively. There is also a prerequisite, that is, if you don't go outside and fool around, it is impossible for your sex doll to be infected. Therefore, as long as you can cleanse yourself for your real sex doll, even if you don't wear a condom while using the silicone sex doll, you will not be at risk of contracting sexually transmitted disease. Even if you use other methods to perform anal sex, such as using your fingers to enter and exit the sex doll, add to the anus of the sex doll, etc. to increase your excitement You will not get a sex virus. Therefore, in terms of physical health, after you have performed a simple disinfection of the sex doll, you do not have to worry about getting yourself infected with sexually transmitted disease because of it.

Can sex dolls have anal sex?

Psychological aspect

Why do men like anal sex? More often, since the media spread, in pornography, anal sex clips appear more often, which makes men more challenging and trying. So when men are having sex, they always think about getting extra stimulation through anal sex. When a man is in the process of anal sex, because the anus is tighter than the vagina, this will make the male penis have a stronger sense of friction, so that sexual pleasure appears faster. This allows men to better find their sense of accomplishment during sex. In this way, men have found a stronger sense of dominance over sex dolls. Let yourself be relieved of the verbal attacks of others in your life in this way. The frustration in the work, in this way find another achievement. In any case, the erection of the penis, when looking at the strength of his penis, will make a man find more pride. They can also reflect the strength of their penis in different ways, which will make men less inferior.

Can sex dolls have anal sex?

Anal sex can add points to sex life, but it should be done when protection is done. Because if the male is too excited, he will directly push his penis into the anus of the big breasted sex doll, This may cause damage to the skin of the penis after the penis cannot stand strong friction. Therefore, when you are not using condoms, you should use an appropriate amount of lubricant to protect yourself. High-quality sex dolls can last a long time under normal and correct use. So when you have your own best sex doll, you should protect it through various protective measures, so that it can stay with you for a longer time. If you don’t have your own sex doll yet, you can buy a cheap sex doll to ensure your sex life and make your sex life more regular. Therefore, if you have the idea of buying sex dolls, we will provide you with a good purchase channel and provide you with the best quality service. Welcome to our mall.

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