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Buy curve doll

November 20, 2020

As far as I know, most men are women who like curved shapes, so the same is true when buying sex dolls. Dolls with large breasts are usually considered curved sex dolls, because sex dolls’ hips are proportional to the breasts, so hips are usually not considered.

beautiful sex doll

Men first look at women from their breasts, so many men choose big breasted dolls first. Whether it is visual or tactile, it will stimulate their sexual desire and make them more excited, thereby enhancing the experience of the whole sex process. Next, let's talk about big breasted sex dolls. So what are the types of big breasted sex dolls?

silicome sex doll head and tpe sex doll body

The first type

Mini sex dolls (100 cm to 140 cm) are petite but have bigger adult breasts. This sex doll has all the mature organs of an adult female, and the price is slightly cheaper. It is suitable for men whose lives are more difficult. This doll is not only suitable for sex, but also easier to store and hide. The space is relatively small.

tpe sex doll

The second type

The mini doll is petite but has big breasts. They seem extremely uncoordinated, but for some men who like tits, they are the favorite type. This doll is more expensive than the first doll, but usually very cheap.

high quality sex doll

The third type

Adult dolls (140cm-170cm) look like real people, with big breasts and a slim figure. This kind of doll is one that many people like. This doll is moderately priced and very realistic. It suits most men. The height can be according to your preference. It depends on the situation, but compared with mini dolls, storage and hiding will be more troublesome and laborious.

anime sex doll

The fourth Type

Adult doll with big breasts and muscles. This kind of doll is very good. It looks the most beautiful, powerful and healthy. This is the figure that many real women admire, and the figure that men are greedy. The weight of this doll will be slightly heavier, but it is not that important for men. When a man sees a doll with muscles, it will further increase the man's sexual desire and make the man more excited during sex, thereby enhancing the sexual experience. Such dolls will be more expensive than dolls of the same height.

pure sex doll

The fifth type

Adult body, big breasts, fat. Some men like sex dolls with a sense of flesh, and fat dolls will feel better. But the weight of the doll will be heavier, and the curvature will not look so obvious, and the price will be slightly more expensive.

real sex doll

The Sixth type

Adult body, huge breasts, slim. This shape should be the most difficult for a man to refuse. Sight and touch are the ultimate influence. Therefore, this doll is the most popular and most expensive, but for many men, they pay more attention to experience, so they are very willing to get her. 

robot sex doll

Finally, customers should choose big breasts sex dolls according to their own economic situation, preferences, storage and other comprehensive reasons, but for buyers, buying sex dolls is to vent their sexual needs, as long as they are barely enough, but if you have enough In terms of economic conditions, it is recommended that you choose the best experience object. After all, everyone wants the best sexual experience, right?

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