Are the details of realistic sex dolls really necessary? |

Are the details of realistic sex dolls really necessary?

September 24, 2020

Nowadays, more and more sex doll brands are emerging like bamboo shoots after the spring rain. More and more sex doll brands appear on the market. Because of the birth of these brands, there has been more and more competition among sex doll brands. In the face of competition, what brands can do is to enrich the characteristics of their own brand's sex dolls. Let their own full-size sex dolls have personal characteristics, so as to gain a foothold in the market. But in the face of various brands and various sex dolls on the market. What the brands can do is to ensure that the characteristics of the sex dolls they have developed are unforgettable after a glance. The other thing is to make the sex dolls produced by oneself resemble the promotional photos, and try not to show too much deviation. But is this enough? Many customers complain about the realism of sex dolls. So this reflects the realism of the mature sex doll, and the various details of its body are a particularly important thing. Therefore, the current brands will try their best to make their own sex dolls to imitate real humans in every detail.

Are the details of realistic sex dolls really necessary?

Optimize details

Optimizing the details basically means to further modify the existing sex dolls. This includes the appearance, the exquisite modification of makeup, the optimization of pores, and the modification of body fluff. There are also some details of the physical activities of some sex dolls, including the flexibility of physical activities, the joint changes of the internal support and so on. Try to make the entire sex doll as flexible and lifelike as a real person in appearance and physical activity. A sex doll can add more appearance details to stimulate buyers after ensuring the authenticity of the skin touch and overall appearance. That is really an amazing thing. For example, to optimize a flat breasted sex doll, add some fine hair on its nipple, and some graininess to make it look more real. Another example is to optimize the details of all sex dolls, starting from the face. Needless to say for makeup, put more fluff into the place between the upper part of the lips and the middle of the nose. It can enhance the realism of its facial appearance. There is also the overall flexibility of the body. The stent in the body is modified to allow it to perform more comprehensive activities. There is also a good control of the base of the weight, the fat sex doll will greatly affect the sex experience.

Are the details of realistic sex dolls really necessary?


These transformations and optimizations can also enable users to find more real feelings during the experience. Some companies are now developing robot sex dolls, which can complete some simple conversations. During sex, they will make excitement and panting sounds, but they may not have noticed the importance of the doll's body details. Companies that develop and manufacture ordinary sex dolls will now pay more and more attention to details. Because these details may bring them more attention and increase their visibility. These are all things that should be done in order for the brand to survive the market better and better face the current competition in the market. Including the same as anime sex dolls, optimizing and transforming faces and costumes as well as props. These details are optimized to make the entire anime sex doll look more real and have all the characteristics of the character played. All of these can fundamentally stimulate consumers' love of products and make consumers feel value for money. Consumers will pay for it.

Are the details of realistic sex dolls really necessary?


The necessity should start from two aspects. From the seller's point of view, in order to make the brand better survive in the market. In the face of strong competition, companies can have their own brand characteristics, have their own corporate concepts, and have brand recognition, so that they can deliver better product concepts to consumers. Allow customers to better accept branded products. From the perspective of buyers, only good products are worth buying. Cheap sex dolls can be bought, but there is no quality guarantee for cheap sex dolls without brands. Of course, if there is something worthwhile, it will make consumers happy. Optimizing the details will make the real product look more advanced and more realistic. Customers who value quality will be willing to pay a slightly higher price for a high-quality sex doll. But the optimization of these details also proves that technology and the times are progressing.

If you are facing an ordinary sex doll that is now popular, there is also a sex doll with a relatively high price but highly optimized details. Which one would you choose? I believe that buyers with different consumer concepts have different answers. If you need a sex doll now, we have professional customer service who can provide you with consultation and purchase services.

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