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99 The life of police academy in the dream of sex doll dolls---Shu's boyfriend 8

January 16, 2021

Mixue is a doll made of TPE+silicone material. This is Mixue's dream story, the story she and her roommate are giving to the Police Academy.sanhui 1sanhui 2sanhui 3sanhui 4sanhui 5After returning to the dormitory, it was very late. I arranged myself and decided to go to bed, but after a while, Shuxun’s sweet and clear voice came from the air, "Thank you."You should be low-key in your daily life, and you will be jealous," Shu replied. Probably because of experiencing this or listening to Shu, Shuxun's behavior has become relatively low-key, and the atmosphere in the bedroom has eased a lot. Although Shuxun and them don't communicate much, they get along easily. Life is still going on, every day in the dormitory and on the way to class, it is normal, but something extraordinary also happened, Shu, the calmest one, actually fell in love. Yes, Shu told Mixue in the bedroom one night about her love. After hearing the news, Mixue was so shocked, she thought, she was in love, and Shu could not be in love. It was so unexpected that even Shuxun and Hehui looked at Shu. After the shock, Mixue and Xuxu kept asking, "Is he from our school?" "What school is he in?" "Is he handsome?" "How did you meet? "Stop" you asked all of a sudden I can't answer so many questions. "Shu and her boyfriend met because of an accident. One time when Shu came home, he saw a thief on the bus cutting a girl's backpack with a knife, revealing the wallet and mobile phone in the backpack. (Actually, the thief moves very secretly and carefully, and because the people are crowded, almost no one sees it. Shu just happened to see it because of the special position of the station.) Just about to stop it, the bus stopped and went to the next stop. Shu squeezed in the direction of the thief while shouting loudly: "Someone is stealing something!" The thief reacted and squeezed toward the door of the car. The stolen girl also touched the bag with her hand, but she was shocked. The thief squeezed in the direction of the car, but time was too late. The thief's left foot was about to cross the car door. This was stopped by a tall figure. The thief pierced the man with the knife in his hand. The man quickly responded and moved Thief uniform. Shu found that the man’s uniform thief’s actions were very professional, and they were commonly used by police. She thought he was probably a policeman, but he was dressed in casual clothes and didn’t say anything. The stolen girl also arrived and thanks the man and took back what she lost from the thief. Then she went to Shu and thanked Shu respectfully. Soon the police arrived and took the thief away.It turned out that after the thief was discovered, there was a passenger in the car calling the police, so the police were coming soon. Shu thought he would never meet this person again, but they actually met at a high-speed rail station and their home was in the same city. After the high-speed rail, the city started to rain heavily. The man did not bring an umbrella. Shu didn’t know what she was thinking, so she asked, “Where are you going?” “The man replied, but he didn’t expect his house to be close to him.“My umbrella is big, where I want to go, let us Go together." "Unexpectedly, they discovered that they have similar personalities on the road, and they quickly added WeChat. After months of understanding, they finally got together. Shu's boyfriend is Yu Zhige, a teacher at the Police University , 4 years older than Shushe and 180 cm tall. He is tall and handsome because he is a teacher at the Police Academy. He has good skills and a good figure. Most importantly, he is very good to Shu. Listen After Shu talked about her and her boyfriend, everyone was envious. Mixue thought she should fall in love too. To be continued.

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