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99 The life of police academy in the dream of sex doll dolls---quite girl 6

January 12, 2021

Hehui Qita doll is a sex doll made of TPE material.Qita sex doll
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Mixue put aside what they were doing and planned to eat together. There were two knocks on the door. Michelle's bed was close to the door, so she went to open the door, opened the door slightly, and saw a grumpy girl with a beautiful appearance. She stood upright on the door, her slender hand stopped in the air, as if she was about to knock on the door again, and on the right was a blue ordinary suitcase. Mixue took a quick look and opened the door completely, "Please come in." Then, she invited a quiet girl in. After the girl came in, she put things on the empty seat, then turned her head and said to Meeks: "Hello, I am Hehui." Then several other people introduced themselves one by one. Finally, Meeks said: "There is another roommate. She has something to go out ." The girl responded quietly, and then quietly packed her bags. For Mixue, the first impression is: her long lavender hair, divided into two braids, black hair band decorated with round white spots, delicate features, wearing a gray sweater. This silver sneaker looks very young, energetic and polite, but her temperament is a little quiet, and even a little quiet, which does not match her age. Introduction: This is a friend who is worth making friends. The roommate is here, and the innocent girl Mixue also knows her name. She is Shuxun. I think everyone can get along peacefully, even friendly, but everyone's personality is different and it always happens. There is a contradiction. At ten o'clock in the evening, everyone was very lively, but Ha Hui was going to bed. I hope they keep their voices quiet, it is best not to make any noise. "I'm going to sleep, keep silent." For example, Xu X is a night owl, Shu Xun sniffs at night, Xu X can't sleep. "Snoring at night is quieter and I can't sleep." "I can't control it, or can I buy earmuffs?" For example, Mixue is afraid of heat and needs to turn on the air conditioner, while Hehui is afraid of cold and doesn't want to turn on the air conditioner. In short, they finally put the bedroom rules together: turn off the lights at 10 pm and keep quiet. Turn off the air conditioner before going to bed. This is the future. The next day, the course is about to begin. They pack up, wear textbooks, and then go to different floors to start class. Mixue feels that life is no different, except that Xuxu has become a friend of her and Shu, and they are often together. The other two roommates rarely communicate, everything else is normal, until one day two months later, I ate in 3 canteens, I am Mixue, Shu and Xuxu, I heard that there are several girls eating next door...

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TPE sex dolls are still the mainstream on the market, mainly because TPE is relatively low cost and feels slightly better than silicone, but it is slightly inferior in weight loss, body details and makeup coating. But recently there are rumors that Shenzhen Jingjun Doll Co., Ltd. has developed a "Thousand-faced Xiaorou" TPE doll. She solves the shortcomings of TPE dolls in terms of weight loss, body details and makeup coating. She uses high temperature resistance. The material is used as the inner liner, and the overall weight of the height of 150 is reduced to 25kg. The TPE body painting is also perfect, and the skin texture and artificial blood vessels are very realistic. If you want to know the latest developments of Shenzhen Jingjun physical dolls, you can contact them.

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