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99 The life of police academy in the dream of sex doll dolls---pure girl 5

January 08, 2021

Shu is a doll of Yuqu doll,and she is a realistic sex doll with silicone head + TPE body.


"For example: when inviting guests, the host should sit opposite the door; when eating, the host should start to take a bite; don't make any noise when eating...this is a relatively basic etiquette." Xu Xu said. Mixue nodded obediently and said: We have learned. Shu said: "This involves blind spots in our knowledge," and then continued to talk about blended learning and knowledge that Shu didn't know.

In the afternoon

Another new roommate also came, but she didn't look friendly. This is Mixue's first reaction. When the girl first came, there was a boy behind her. This girl looks like love at first sight, naive. The appearance is very pure, the clothes are also very delicate, the expression looks very enthusiastic, but she only holds a handbag in her hand, and then instructs the seniors behind to bring things in. The "senior" at the back was dragging a suitcase and holding a big bag in his hand. After coming in, she asked the "senior" to put down things, thanked and promised to let him go after the next date. Before that, Mixue and others had never had the opportunity to talk. They kept watching until Mixue, Shu, Xuxu and the innocent girl stayed in the room. The girl looked at the gentler X Wei, and said to her: "New roommate, who lives in the bed below?" Xu Xu replied, "Shu, that's the girl in a white shirt and black jeans on my right." Then the girl moved. He opened his eyes and looked at Shu and said, "Classmate, I have never lived in the upper bed before. I am not used to sleeping on the upper bed. Can you give me the lower bunk?" Shu looked at the girl, refused, and replied: "I'm not used to sleeping on the upper bed either." Mixue and Xuxu's faces were faint, without any movement. They didn't plan to go up and help them mediate. They thought: Who is not a little princess at home. Why should you accommodate her. Until the next roommate arrived, the girl didn't talk to them, and Mixue and the others didn't know her name. Maybe a girl’s friendship depends more on character. On the other hand, in life with a naive girl, she can hardly see where she is, maybe she doesn't want to get along with her new roommate. The three people in Mixue get along very well. Mixue is still doing homework, Shu is lying on the bed playing games, and Xuxu is chatting. They are all doing their own things, but occasionally they chat. In today’s society, one person does two things at the same time also have basic skills
It's not over yet, waiting for the next chapter.


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