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99 The life of police academy in the dream of sex doll---new roommate 4

January 05, 2021

Mixue is a realistic sex doll with silicone head + TPE body. She has a dream of college life.

School notice: After the Mid-Autumn Festival, they will change the dormitory and form a new dormitory with different grades and classes. In order not to separate, Mixue and Shu met with the counselor in private and tried their best. Finally they lived in the same dormitory as they wished. The dormitory just divided has six people in each room, Mixue and Shu occupy two beds, so four more girls will live in their dormitories.

Mixue and Shu arrived earlier and no one was there yet, so they chose two lower bunks and cleaned up the room. At this time, it was about to get dark, and then the two went to dinner together. After returning, they saw the first one. New roommate, she is a very cute girl with a round face, big eyes, and she is wearing a JK uniform. She is a little short, but curvy. She is a very nice loli, she does not look like the police academy. student. After she saw us, she smiled at us, and Mixue instantly felt as sweet as a candy. At that moment, she was full of protective desire and felt that she would protect this girl in the future. When Mixue was in a daze, Shu greeted her friendly, "Hello, I am Shu, I will become a roommate and get along well in the future." Mixue felt that Shu was very gentle with the new roommate and seemed to like her very much. "Hello, I’m xuxu, get along well.” Obviously xuxu is also very easy to get along with. After Xuxu came, the quiet atmosphere suddenly became very lively. She is really an easy person to get along with. In one day, they change It's very familiar. For example: at first glance, Xuxu seems to be a very well-behaved girl, but in fact, after getting acquainted with her, she is really wild and not good at all. She often messes up when Mixue finishes her homework, and she uses her mobile phone when Shu Moving her feet, she also likes to joke, "Shu, your math homework looks like an artist." "This eyebrow looks like Crayon Shin-chan"... The next day, we will be together When I went to the cafeteria to eat, Mixue found that Xuxu was really slow to eat, but her eating posture was really beautiful, like a painting. Not at all like her leaping character, Mixue and the others curiously asked: "You really don’t want your character when you eat, like a lady, but the lady should not be in touch with you?" "Actually, my family’s table etiquette management If I don’t do it well, my dad doesn’t use chopsticks to hit me on the hand.” It’s said that well-regulated families are scholars. It looks really good. Mixue slowly learned a lot of rules from Xuxu.

luoli sex doll

It's not over yet, waiting for the next chapter.

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