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99 The life of police academy in the dream of sex doll dolls---torso 3

December 31, 2020

Mixue is a sex doll with silicone head + TPE body. She has a dream of college life.

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They returned to the school as usual, but the school suddenly issued a notice. The main meaning is: there will be volunteer activities on Saturday. If you are willing to participate and stick to it, please go to the hospital to help the physically disabled (2 weeks on weekends) to get a provincial honor certificate and 5 Credits, registration is valid on Wednesday. Shu quickly signed, and Mixue asked her, "Although it is great to help others, it is too difficult. Can you find some easy voluntary tasks?" Shu said, "Mainly 5 credits. My grades are too bad. Yes, I'm afraid of failing the exam. With these 5 credits, I will definitely pass." Mixue thought: Forget it, let's go with her. Although this is hard work, it has many benefits. So Mixue also signed.
on Saturday
Mixue and Shu did not arrive early or late, but they found that very few people came, but almost all students with poor academic performance. "This is too tragic, is the scumbag only worthy of hard work?" complained from the student. Assigned by the head of the hospital and under the guidance of nurses, Mixue and Shu quickly found someone to take care of. When we saw someone to take care of, it was very unexpected. She is a mature lady who has lost her limbs, but she is sitting upright in a wheelchair with a smile on her face, greeting them. Mixue and Shu quickly got acquainted with her, and they learned in chat: This lady's last name is He. She was originally a war reporter. She often goes to dangerous battlefields to get news, and often helps some poor victims. In an explosion, she had no time to escape and lost her limbs, but she was not pessimistic. The state paid for all her expenses in the hospital and received monthly subsidies. Her family also cares about her very much. She felt very lucky. She also believes that: she is not a hero and has not made a great contribution to the country, but she feels very honored to be able to achieve her own ability. Mixue thought in his mind: We are very ordinary people in the world. No matter what we do, we work hard for ourselves and our country. Although we cannot recover her limbs here, we can stay with her and take care of her as much as possible. This is his lady's greatest help. Later, Michelle got along well with his lady and took care of her very intimately. His lady is also very independent, as long as they can do it themselves, they will not disturb others. Mixue and Shu said that it is always nice to get along with optimistic people: this kind of volunteer work can add a dozen more.
Although college life is not as exciting as expected, it is not so boring. Ordinary life is like a bunch of water. Just when we thought we could go home for the Mid-Autumn Festival, the school notified. .....

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Not over yet, waiting for the next chapter.

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